Garib Rath Express Trains

The Garib Rath express train is one of the premier trains introduced by the Indian Railways in 2005 to provide fully air-conditioned travel to those passengers who could not afford the expensive tickets of the fully air-conditioned coaches as in Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express.  

Therefore, the Garib Rath, whose name means “Poor Man’s Chariot”, was introduced with the facilities of being fully air-conditioned and running faster than most other super-fast express trains presently operated by Indian Railways. The maximum speed of Garib Rath trains is 130 km/hr which is the same as Rajdhani’s top speed. However, in Garib Rath trains, passengers are not normally provided with blankets and pillow and they have to pay extra to get them.

Amenities in Garib Rath Express Trains

Garib Rath trains are slated to have many amenities such as Fridge, Microwave Oven, Television, Cooler, Fans, and Toasters. They have continuous running electronic display which will show distance remaining, next station name and expected time to reach there. The coaches also decorated with beautiful paintings of Indian heritage artwork. The emergence of the Garib Rath has led to more connections between commercially important routes, where these trains run faster and make fewer stops.

Seating system in Garib Rath Express Trains

Most of the Garib Rath Express Trains have AC 3 Tier Berths & AC Chair Car type seats (which is called as CC by Indian Railways).

Cities Serviced by Garib Rath Express Trains

The Garib Rath Express Trains services most of the prominent cities in India and they are – Mumbai Dadar, Sainagar Shirdi, Bangalore City Junction, Pune Junction, Nagpur Junction, Jabalpur, Mumbai CST, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Kochuveli, Saharsa Junction, Amritsar Junction, Kathgodam, Jammu Tawi, Kanpur Central, Bapudam Motihari, Varanasi Junction, New Delhi Anand Vihar, Delhi Sarai Rohilla Station, Mumbai Bandra Terminus, Yesvantpur Junction, Rajendra Nagar Bihar, New Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin, , Kolkata, Patna Junction, Guwahati, Lucknow NE Station, Raipur Junction, Bihar Jaynagar, Chennai Central, Secunderabad Junction, Vishakhapatnam, Hatia, Bhubaneswar, Ranchi, New Delhi Railway Station, Puri, Jaipur and Chandigarh.

Garib Rath Trains in India

As of now there are 27 pairs of Garib Rath trains plying in various sections of Indian Railways. The comprehensive list is provided in the table underneath.

Garib Rath train numbers and arrival departure timings

Train No Train Name Source Station Dept. Time Destination Arr.Time
0655 Dadar G Rath Chennai Central 15:00 Dadar 11:15
0656 Chennai Garibrat Dadar 12:40 Chennai Central 09:15
0685 Ypr Shiridi Exp Yesvantpur Jn 07:30 Sainagar Shirdi 08:00
0686 Ypr Garibrath Sp Sainagar Shirdi 18:20 Yesvantpur Jn 20:00
0695 Sbc Sc Garibrath Bangalore Cy Jn 06:10 Secunderabad Jn 18:00
0696 Sbc Garib R Spl Secunderabad Jn 08:00 Bangalore Cy Jn 22:00
0869 Puri Sbc Gr Spl Puri 14:30 Bangalore Cy Jn 22:00
0870 Puri Garib Rath Bangalore Cy Jn 23:55 Puri 05:50
2113 Nagpur Garibrath Pune Jn 17:40 Nagpur 09:25
2114 Pune Garibrath Nagpur 18:35 Pune Jn 09:45
2187 Mumbai Garibrath Jabalpur 19:30 Mumbai Cst 12:15
2188 Jbp Garib Rath Mumbai Cst 13:30 Jabalpur 06:00
2201 Kcvl Garib Rath Lokmanyatilak T 16:55 Kochuveli 23:30
2202 Ltt Garib Rath Kochuveli 09:10 Lokmanyatilak T 14:55
2203 Garib Rath Exp Saharsa Jn 15:00 Amritsar Jn 20:40
2204 Shc Garib Rath Amritsar Jn 04:45 Saharsa Jn 10:00
2207 Jammu Garib Rath Kathgodam 18:30 Jammu Tawi 09:35
2208 Kgm Garib Rath Jammu Tawi 23:45 Kathgodam 14:35
2209 Kgm Garib Rath Kanpur Central 06:15 Kathgodam 15:10
2210 Cnb Garib Rath Kathgodam 18:30 Kanpur Central 04:30
2211 Mki Nzm G Rath Bapudm Motihari 16:50 H Nizamuddin 12:37
2212 Mki Garib Rath Anand Vihar 21:00 Bapudm Motihari 16:05
2213 Bsb Anvr G Rath Varanasi Jn 19:30 Anand Vihar 10:05
2214 Bsb Garib Rath Anand Vihar 18:15 Varanasi Jn 08:15
2215 Bdts Garib Rath Delhi S Rohilla 09:20 Bandra Terminus 08:05
2216 Dee Garibrath Bandra Terminus 12:55 Delhi S Rohilla 12:10
2257 Kochuveli Gr Yesvantpur Jn 21:00 Kochuveli 12:40
2258 Yesvantpur Exp Kochuveli 20:10 Yesvantpur Jn 11:30
2353 Rjpb Garib Rath Rjndr Ngr Bihar 18:45 H Nizamuddin 08:40
2354 Rjpb Garib Rath H Nizamuddin 16:50 Rjndr Ngr Bihar 06:25
2359 Pnbe Garib Rath Kolkata 19:50 Patna Jn 05:20
2360 Kol Garib Rath Patna Jn 20:10 Kolkata 05:20
2517 Ghy Garib Rath Kolkata 21:40 Guwahati 15:40
2518 Kol Garib Rath Guwahati 21:00 Kolkata 15:00
2535 Ljn R Garibrath Lucknow Ne 14:40 Raipur Jn 07:15
2536 Ljn Garibrath Raipur Jn 12:20 Lucknow Ne 05:05
2569 Jyg Nzm G Rath Jaynagar 12:10 H Nizamuddin 08:40
2570 Jyg Garib Rath H Nizamuddin 16:50 Jaynagar 13:30
2611 Nzm Garib Rath Chennai Central 06:10 H Nizamuddin 10:20
2612 Mas Garib Rath H Nizamuddin 16:00 Chennai Central 20:15
2735 Ypr Garib Rath Secunderabad Jn 19:15 Yesvantpur Jn 07:10
2736 Sc Garib Rath Yesvantpur Jn 20:50 Secunderabad Jn 08:35
2739 Vskp Garib Rath Vishakapatnam 20:30 Secunderabad Jn 08:10
2740 Vskp Garib Rath Secunderabad Jn 20:15 Vishakapatnam 07:30
2831 Bbs Garib Rath Hatia 21:10 Bhubaneswar 08:15
2832 Hte Garib Rath Bhubaneswar 20:10 Hatia 07:05
2877 Rnc Garib Rath Ranchi 17:10 New Delhi 10:50
2878 Ndls Rnc G Rath New Delhi 16:10 Ranchi 10:40
2881 Hwh Puri G Rath Howrah Jn 20:55 Puri 05:55
2882 Puri Hwh G Rath Puri 22:15 Howrah Jn 07:05
2909 Nzm Garib Rath Bandra Terminus 16:55 H Nizamuddin 10:00
2910 Bdts Garib Rath H Nizamuddin 15:40 Bandra Terminus 08:05
2983 Jp Cdg G Rath Jaipur 20:05 Chandigarh 06:40
2984 Cdg Jp G Rath Chandigarh 21:05 Jaipur 07:40
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17 comments to Garib Rath Express Trains

  • rajeev gupta

    can u tell me how many seats are there in ac chair car in garib rath (train no. 2204) starting from amritsar. look forward to your reply.


    Garib rath is one of the best trains we have in India. And as per my personal experience the train is maintained well. I just wanted to ask why there is no pantry car in garib rath from nzm to mas

  • vidit tyagi

    Is there any garib rath train from delhi to Bhubaneswar

  • sundareswaran

    What are the seating arrangements in 3AC. it seems that, there are three seats/berts on the side.Any one can help. I am travelling for the first time thru Garib Rath

  • sundareswaran

    Sorry, I have forgtten to mention the train number . The number is 2216 BDTS-DEE GARIB RATH EXPRESS

  • shekhar mundada

    in garib rath how they are adjusting 3 bearth in side . I feel it is congested can anyone guide me thanks in advance

  • pramod sisodia

    how can i get bedding /blanket in garib rath

    • Indian Travel Guru

      blanket and bedding is available with the coach attendant and is chargeable at the rate of Ts 30 each.

  • Manoj

    whether paid food is available ? at puri – howrah garib Rath.

  • smsundaram

    whether catering avalble in chennai to delhi garib rath

  • sanchit

    what are the charges for blanket bedsheets and pillow in train no. 2216

  • anant bhalerao

    on 15th may 2014 i travelled from nagpur to new jalpaiguri by kamkhya exp.which runs between mumbai to gouhati but very sorry to say no pentry car was there. it must be provided by railway because the journey is so long.outsider serve the food which was not good.

  • Shivam Chaturvedi

    Is panty car is available in the RNC to NDLS(12877) garib rath
    and what is the cost of beeding in it

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