Sealdah Puri Sealdah Duronto Express Train

Duronto express is a nonstop train that runs between Sealdah and Puri and does not stop in the midway of its journey from the source station toward its final destination.22201 and 22202 are the trains that runs on this route.

Duronto express train number 22201 runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Sealdah to Puri and on its return journey from Puri to Sealdah Duronto express train number 22202 runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The train covers total distance of 522 Kms in round about eight hours and vice versa.

The train comprises with different classes of accommodation-First AC, Second AC, Third AC and Sleeper class

Sealdah Puri Duronto Express

Details Sealdah Puri Duronto Puri Sealdah Duronto
Train Number 22201 22202
Days of Run  Monday, Wednesday and Friday Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Originating station Sealdah Puri
Departure Time 2000 Hrs 1945 Hrs
Destination Station Puri Sealdah
Arrival time 0400 Hrs 0400 Hrs
Speed 64 Kms per hour 63 Kms per hour
Time taken 8 Hrs 8 Hrs and 15min
Distance covered 522 kilometres 522 kilometres
Fare AC 1 tier Rs 2015 Rs 2015
Fare AC 2 Tier Rs 1240 Rs 1240
Fare AC 3 Tier Rs 900 Rs 900
Fare SL Rs 360 Rs 360


  • The Duronto is a non stop train from source to destination.
  • No concession will be provided regarding with senior citizens .
Content updated in January 2020