Weather in Katra and Bhawan

Before planning the Mata Vaishnodevi trip having an idea about Katra`s weather can be beneficial in a long way in having a successful Darshan without any inconvenience and or any health trouble.

Katra town in Jammu and Kashmir is located at an altitude of around  2500 ft ( 751 meters)  above mean sea level while the Bhawan of Mata Vaishno Devi located in Trikuta hills 13 Kms from Katra is located at nearly 5200 ft (1560 meters) above mean sea level. As the height difference is more than doubble there is a significant climate difference between the two locations.

Current climatic conditions: Katra weather hd (humidity)| next two days | weekly forecast

The temperature in the Bhawan area is significantly lower than that of Katras temperature. As the Devotees visit both these places in a day ( span of 24 hours)  checking the climate conditions and temperature at Katra alone may thus be misleading, for, even at the height of summer  heat, the Bhawan area is considerably cold.

The temperature at the Bhawan is 5 to 10 degrees less as compared to Katra temperature.

The following is the annual temperature variation chart, this will give an idea to the devotees to plan their visit and clothing requirements.

Location Distance Altitude Temperature °C
  from Katra in feet Winter Summer
  Kilometers   Min. Max. Min. Max.
Katra 0 2500 3 15 20 40
Banganga 1 2800 . . . .
Charan Paduka 2.5 3380 . . . .
Adhkuwari 6 4800 1 14 16 35
Himkoti 8.5 5120 . . . .
Sanjichhat 9.5 6200 . . . .
Bhawan 13 5200 -2 13 15 30
Bhairon Ghati

(Via Bhawan)

14.5 6619 -3 11 12 25

Clothing requirements


Light woolens at the Bhawan Complex, normal summer clothing at Katra are advised. Humidity levels are high in summer months of July and August during the rainy season


Moderate to heavy woolens are suggested in the winter months from December to Feb. There is snowfall also in the winter months in the Bhawan area, the yatris need to be careful and cautious about this. The temperatures also goes goes down to sub-zero in December and January months. Monkey caps and scarf’s are suggested to beat the winter icy winds. 

Free availability of Blankets at the Bhawan

Blankets are available free of charge at the Bhawan complex. This service is provided by the Mata Vaishno Devi trust. However a refundable security deposit of Rs 100 per blanket is to be deposited for this. There is no need to carry blankets etc to the Bhawan from Katra.

Content updated in January 2020