Chandratal Lake: A camper’s paradise

This lake is also called as Chandrataal Lake. Please note the extra “a”.

Come to the snowy lakes of Chandra Tal, that is situated 6 kms from the Kunzum Pass in Lahaul & Spiti. This deep blue watered lake is situated at an elevation of 4300 meters above sea level and is sprawling on an area of 2.5 kilometers. Surrounded by acres and acres of snow, according to Hindu legend this lake is supposed to be the spot from where the god Indra’s chariot took the eldest Pandava brother, Yudhishtra to ‘swarga’ (heaven) in his mortal form. This is the major reason that this lake is an important pilgrim centre for the domestics as well as nationals.

Chandratal Trekking Tour will lead to the high-glaciated lake. This trek leads out of the tiny village of Khanul, a little distance away from Manali and climbs steadily through evergreen forests and meadows, alongside numerous streams. An easy trek with some of the most beautiful walks in Manali region unfolds the most magnificent mountain escapes.

This is a short and interesting trek and gives the trekker an opportunity to scale the heights of Kullu valley. While passing from there, you can see the typical Himalayan villages and be greeted by Shephards (Gaddi). Patches of snow and the green view of the valley below will provide a good view.

If you want to go around the lake to take a full view, the locals as well as the guides would not allow you to do so anti-clockwise, as it is considered as a pious and holy lake with respect bestowed equivalent to a temple. So you can only go around it in clockwise direction.

You should visit this lake as on your way you will encounter some breathtaking sights.

Reaching the Chandratal or Chandrataal lake

One can reach this lake from Manali end, and from Kaza. In 1989 Manali – Leh was laid open for foriegn visitors. So this lake can be approached from this side too.

Content updated in January 2020