Shirdi Railway station

There is no railway station at Shirdi as such. The nearest railway station to Shirdi is the Kopargaon railway station at a distance of sixteen kilometers from Shirdi town. Shirdi itself comes under Kopargaon Taluka.

Kopargaon Station to Shirdi

Kopargaon to Shirdi Distance is just 16 Kms. Taxis and jeeps are easily available at Kopargaon Railway station. Due to high influx of tourists bound to Shirdi this station is also called Shirdi Railway Station. Taxis charge around Rs 300 from Kopargaon to Shirdi. The travel time is about half an hour to one hour.

Kopargaon Station: Nearest station to Shirdi

Kopargaon is a small town / Taluka in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra. Kopergaon lies on the Manmad Pune railway section

Kopargaon / Shirdi Railway Station Code is KPG

Trains passing through Kopergaon / Shirdi Railway Station

Train No Train Name Arrival Departure Start Station End Station
477 Pune Nzm Sup Sp 7:32 PM 7:35 PM Pune Jn H Nizamuddin
478 Nzm Pune Sup Sp 5:38 AM 5:40 AM H Nizamuddin Pune Jn
515 Daund Nanded Pa 5:53 PM 5:55 PM Daund Jn H Sahib Nanded
516 Ned Dd Pasngr 6:19 AM 6:20 AM H Sahib Nanded Daund Jn
867 Vskp Shirdi Spl 9:50 AM 9:53 AM Vishakapatnam Sainagar Shirdi
868 Snsi Vskp Spl 7:20 PM 7:22 PM Sainagar Shirdi Vishakapatnam
1031 Gyan Ganga Exp 8:43 PM 8:45 PM Pune Jn Manduadih
1032 Gyan Ganga Exp 2:28 AM 2:30 AM Manduadih Pune Jn
1033 Darbhanga Exp 8:43 PM 8:45 PM Pune Jn Darbhanga Jn
1034 Dbg Pune Exp 2:29 AM 2:30 AM Darbhanga Jn Pune Jn
1039 Maharashtra Exp 4:31 AM 4:33 AM C Shahumharaj T Gondia Jn
1040 Maharashtra Exp 10:19 PM 10:20 PM Gondia Jn C Shahumharaj T
1077 Jhelum Express 10:18 PM 10:20 PM Pune Jn Jammu Tawi
1078 Jhelum Express 9:13 AM 9:15 AM Jammu Tawi Pune Jn
1601 Pune Mmr Pass 8:23 AM 8:25 AM Pune Jn Manmad Jn
1602 Mmr Pune Pass 11:18 PM 11:20 PM Manmad Jn Pune Jn
2103 Pa Lucknow Exp 8:43 PM 8:45 PM Pune Jn Lucknow Ne
2104 Ljn Pune Exp 2:28 AM 2:30 AM Lucknow Ne Pune Jn
2129 Azad Hind Exp 11:18 PM 11:20 PM Pune Jn Howrah Jn
2130 Azad Hind Exp 1:29 AM 1:30 AM Howrah Jn Pune Jn
2135 Pune Nagpur Exp 10:43 PM 8:50 PM Pune Jn Nagpur
2136 Nagpur Pune Exp 4:31 AM 4:33 AM Nagpur Pune Jn
2147 Nizamuddin Exp 8:43 PM 8:45 PM C Shahumharaj T H Nizamuddin
2148 Nzm Kop Exp 4:13 AM 4:15 AM H Nizamuddin C Shahumharaj T
2149 Pune Patna Exp 1:28 AM 1:30 AM Pune Jn Patna Jn
2150 Pnbe Pune Exp 12:04 AM 12:05 AM Patna Jn Pune Jn
2627 Karnataka Exp 1:39 PM 1:40 PM Bangalore Cy Jn New Delhi
2628 Karnataka Exp 4:43 PM 4:45 PM New Delhi Bangalore Cy Jn
2729 Pune Nanded Exp 2:28 AM 2:30 AM Pune Jn H Sahib Nanded
2730 Pune Express 4:14 AM 4:15 AM H Sahib Nanded Pune Jn
2779 Goa Express 9:14 AM 9:15 AM Vasco Da Gama H Nizamuddin
2780 Goa Express 10:58 AM 11:00 AM H Nizamuddin Vasco Da Gama
2781 Swarna Jayanthi 8:44 PM 8:45 PM Mysore Jn H Nizamuddin
2782 Swarna Jayanthi 4:13 AM 4:15 AM H Nizamuddin Mysore Jn
2849 Bsp Pune Sup Ex 4:32 AM 4:33 AM Bilaspur Jn Pune Jn
2850 Pa Bilaspur Exp 10:43 PM 10:45 PM Pune Jn Bilaspur Jn
5018 Gkp Ltt Exp 10:18 PM Dest Gorakhpur Jn Lokmanyatilak T
6501 Adi Sbc Express 8:23 AM 8:25 AM Ahmedabad Jn Bangalore Cy Jn
6502 Ahmadabad Exp 10:59 AM 11:00 AM Bangalore Cy Jn Ahmedabad Jn
7305 Nzm Link Exp 9:14 AM 9:15 AM Hubli Jn H Nizamuddin
1028a Mumbai Mail 4:31 Am 4:33 Am Solapur Jn Gondia Jn
Content updated in January 2020

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  • venkata ramana

    the information is good. thanks a lot.

  • K.Sudhakar Choudary

    The details of trains scedule is good, but you have not given the trians running days , i mean the trains run daily or twice or thrice a week etc details.Better u give hotels list and tariff so that we can book on line.

  • mulbagal vijaya vittal

    You have clarified to many pilgrims that there is no Rly station at Shirdi. The Railways conveneintly forgot to mention that Kopargaon is the nearest rly station and that Kopargaon is also known as Shirdi Rly station. When raulways announced extension of trains upto Shirdi I wrote to the press and Media as to where is this station..but no answer. But you have given a clear picture. Thanx..very informative.

  • abhishek roy

    Very informative
    though i was looking for ways i can travel from rail from Indore (MP) to shirdi ….
    but still a good piece of information.

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