Lotus temple in Delhi

The lotus temple in Delhi, which is situated about twelve kilometers from Connaught place, is one of the famous temples of Delhi. This artistically built temple is the worship place for all religions, and people of all religions, from different parts of the world visit this temple. This temple was constructed by Fariborz Sahba of Canada, with about eight hundred engineers, technicians and artisans. It took more than ten years to complete this magnum structure. Founder of this building, Bahaulla feels that the religions are the routes to reach the destination, which is the same for all people.

There are twenty seven huge petals of lotus and nine walkways. These petals have been built with marbles. Since it is very symbolic for all religions, people love to visit this temple. All tour operators include this temple in their tour programs. The central hall is used for worship and meditation. Thousands of people can meditate in this hall, which has been designed with perfect architecture and tradition. The purpose of the temple is to create awareness with all religious people that they should be united always, irrespective of their religions. This quiet and calm place provides mental strength to all visitors of this temple.

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