Lokmanyatilak Allahabad Duronto Express

Duronto express train is a nonstop and fastest train that provides the direct connectivity from its source station to its destination station. The train does not stop at any station in the midway of its journey. Duronto express trains runs faster than Rajdhani express. Moreover the fares are also less.

ALD Duronto express train number 12293 runs from Lokmanyatilak to Allahabad Jn twice a week i.e. Monday and Friday and on its return journey from Allahabad Jn to Lokmanyatilak ALD LTT Duronto express train number 12294 also runs twice a week i.e. Tuesday and Saturday.

The Duronto express train comprises with different classes of accommodation. The train has one AC First class, Second AC class and Third AC class.

Lokmanyatilak Allahabad Duronto Express

Details Lokmanyatilak Allahabad Duronto Allahabad Lokmanyatilak Duronto
Train Number 12293 12294
Days of Run Monday and Friday Tuesday and Saturday
Originating station Lokmanyatilak T Allahabad Jn
Departure Time 1725 Hrs 1730 Hrs
Destination Station Allahabad Jn Lokmanyatilak T
Arrival time 1225 Hrs 1450 Hrs
Speed 70 Kms per hour 69 Kms per hour
Time taken 19 Hrs 21 Hrs and 20min
Distance covered 1348 kilometres 1348 kilometres
Fare AC 1 tier Rs 3825 Rs 3915
Fare AC 2 Tier Rs 2175 Rs 2235
Fare AC 3 Tier Rs 1510 Rs 1565


  • The Duronto is a non stop train from source to destination.
  • Regarding with senior citizens no concession is allowed in the train.
Content updated in January 2020

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