Fairs and festivals in Haridwar

Haridwar is a place where the festivals take place during the whole year. The Kanwad Mela during the month of Shravana is very popular among masses in which lacs of devotees of Lord Shiva come to Haridwar to take holy water of river Ganga.

Kumbh mela

Haridwar is known for hosting one of the biggest fairs in India. Kumbh Mela attracts millions of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. The most important part of the mela is to a holy dip on the banks of the rivers to wash away the sins committed in the lifetime.

The astrological timing of Kumbha-mela at Haridwar is when Jupiter is in Aquarius and the Sun is in Aries. There are several major bathing days, which fall on auspicious days and festivals, such as Shivratri, Amavasya and the Maha Kumbha day (the biggest day). The Kumbh mela is held in every 12 years to commemorate this spiritual day .Millions of men, women, children, sagas, Rishi, Munies, baba’s and tourists gather here to take a dip in the holy water of the holy rivers, the cycle of reincarnation.

The main bathing place is at Hari-ki-Pairi and bathing begins early in the morning and goes to around 11:30 am. At this time, Hari-ki-Pairi is closed so the Sadhus can take bath from around 12 noon to 2 pm. After this, it is open again for general public.

Haridwar will host the Purna Kumbha mela from Makar Sankranti (14th January 2010) to Shakh Purnima Snan (28th April 2010) based on Vedic astrology.

Ardh Kumbh

The Ardh Kumbh mela (fair) is held in every 6 years which is followed by the Kumbh Mela after 6 years.

It is believed that a dip in the holy river Ganga during the Ardh Kumbh gives one Moksha or Nirvana.

Diwali & Holi

Every Hindu festival is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and joy. The whole city is decorated with lights and diyas during the festival.

The reflection of those lights in the river Ganga makes this place like a conglomeration of stars on the earth.

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