Temperature in Manali

Being beautified with Manalsu River, Beas River, snow covered high mountain peaks and breathtaking landscapes, Manali bears an ever changing climate.

Climate is definitely a reason that attracts the tourists to come here and enjoy a pleasing stay in the lap of nature. However the peak tourist season is summer. It is the perfect time when weather is fine and as enjoyable as you can think. It is the season when the place is jam packed with tourists coming from all the corners of the world. This season actually starts from March and remains till June. 14-20 degree centigrade is the ideal temperature in Manali across this tourist season.

Winter season in Manali

Winter spreads all through October and lasts till February. The temperature in Manali remains severely cold and witnesses heavy snow fall. Even after these adverse climatic conditions the tourists flock here to take pleasure in mind blowing snow falls and snowcapped mountain peaks. In order to celebrate the exotic retreat of temperature in Manali one needs to bring heavy woolen clothes to surpass crucial yet pleasing winters. In this cold season the temperature in Manali remains -7 to 10 degree centigrade. This is also equally enjoyable weather but the night temperature may fall at nights and it may drop below zero degrees centigrade.

Spring season in Manali

Now coming on to spring season, this season lasts from March to April. This is the season when you can witness the entire valley full of flowers and lush green landscapes. The blossoms, colorful valleys, vibrant butterflies make this scene perfect. This enchanting view attracts visitors to come and dip in the ocean of rare natural beauty and have a rejuvenating experience. Apart from summers spring is the next great season to be there. Monsoons also turn this place into a picture perfect destination with lush green settings. This monsoon season stays from July to August and it is the time when temperature in Manali is really pleasant.

Monsoon season in Manali

Monsoon season in July august months is the time when you can spot Manali bustling with travelers, trekkers from all across the world. In this season you can enjoy dazzling raindrops. The next option to visit Manali is autumn season during September and October. In this time temperature in Manali is superb and the air is colorful now. You can also visit the panoramic rhapsody mixed with cultural legacy and hilly sights of the dramatically heart stirring place in such amusing climatic settings.

Content updated in January 2020

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