Varkala Kovalam distance

Both Varkala and Kovalam are great tourist attractions for people who come to visit Kerela. Both these places offer excellent scenic views and natural beauty that are soothing to the eyes.

Situated in a coastal region means wonderful food, beautiful sceneries apart from the wonderfully pleasant weather. And this is exactly what you must expect from both the cities.

A brief about Varkala

Varkala beach of Trivandrum is located towards the north of the city at a distance of about 54 kilometres. It is away from the bustling city roads and gives a cool getaway for any one. A visit to this beautiful place is truly a refreshing experience. The coconut trees, soft back waters and sun going down in the water provides for one of the most beautiful scenic views one can ever see. This place is best known for its natural springs and its medicinal values. Most people come here to drink this water and bathe in the natural springs to avoid and cure all skin related diseases and problems. A 2000 year old temple devoted to Sri Janardhana Swami is situated here and is a very popular pilgrimage for people following Hinduism. There is a Nature Care Centre too situated here in Varkala which is among the popluar tourist attractions.

A brief about Kovalam

Towards the south of Trivandrum, 16 kilometres away from the city is located one of the most popular beaches down south called the Kovalam beach. The beautiful natural beauty of this place mesmerises people and allures them to stay longer at its wonderful beach resorts. To rejuvenate spirits and regain lost vigour, no place can be better than Kovalam to be in. Facilities such as sunbathing, Ayurvedic massages, swimming etc. are available for the visitors to enjoy at Kovalam’s beach resorts. The main tourist attractions of this place are the Eve beach and the Lighthouse beach.

Varkala Kovalam distance

Varkala is located about 71 kilometres away from Kovalam and it takes about two hours to reach there. On your way down you can visit tourist attractions like the Trivandrum- Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple, Napier Museum and Kaudiar Palace. To enjoy the journey it is best to travel by road and savour the natural beauty of Kerela. There are trains too between the Trivandrum and Varkala. As Kovalam is just 16 kilometres from Trivandrum, you can cover the distance by road and catch a train from Trivandrum to Varkala. It takes about 33 minutes to 1.17 hours to cover the distance.

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