Amritsar Weather: Temperature and Climate

Amritsar in Punjab has a typical north – western India’s climate.

The city experiences extreme climatic conditions owing to its location. By mid – summer, the temperature becomes exceedingly hot while winters are marked by freezing cold chilliness. The average temperature here ranges between 5 degrees Celsius in the month of January to 39 degrees Celsius in the month of June. Rainfall in Amritsar varies from 12 to 678 mm / month. 

The highest maximum temperature recorded at Amritsar was 47.7 C on 21 May 1978

The lowest minimum temperature in Amritsar was 3.3 C on 25 December 1984

Winter season in Amritsar

Months of November to March mark the winter season here. The temperature falls considerably and can go beyond the freezing level to -4 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature goes up to 18 degrees Celsius in winters. New Year time is marked by 0 degrees Celsius and frost is a common sight during the months of December and January.

Current Amritsar temperature | weather today and forecast for next three days

Summer season in Amritsar

April gives way to summer season in Amritsar which lasts up to June. The climate is extremely hot and dry. The temperature is minimum at 25 degrees Celsius and maximum at 45 degrees Celsius. It remains a sweaty affair all throughout summer.

Monsoon season in Amritsar

Come July and a sigh of relief is experienced with the downpour.  Mild to heavy rains occur in the July – August months. September – October is considered to be post-monsoon season and it continues to receive intermittent showers. Annual rainfall in Amritsar is about 790 millimeters (31.1 in)

Advice for travelers to Amritsar

October to April is the perfect time to visit Amritsar. October-November being the festival season owing to Guru Nanak Jayanti will be a wonderful time to experience the Bhangra Dances. January brings Lohri while April is famous for Baisakhi. May – June is not an advisable period to be at Amritsar as the heat will be unbearable. July – September has a moderately pleasant climate and can be good for sight – seeing but sudden rains may spoil your plans.

Content updated in January 2020

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