Ahmedabad Weather: Temperature and Climate

Ahmedabad has a hot semi – arid climate. It’s weather is influenced by the Arabian Sea. The average temperature ranges between 12 degrees Celsius to 41 degrees Celsius. Ahmedabad,

being a major Commercial Hub for the state of Gujarat, has seen a rapid expansion in recent years leading to a number of industries cropping up in and around the city due to which there is an increase in air, water and soil pollution resulting into erratic weather phenomenon.

Winter season in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad becomes very dry in the winter months of November to February. The overall weather remains pleasant and the mercury levels remain in the average bracket of 15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. Cold northerly winds blow in this region during the month of January bringing with itself a little chill in the atmosphere. The lowest temperature recorded here is 5 degrees Celsius.

Current Ahmedabad temperature | weather today and forecast for next three days

Summer season in Ahmedabad

Mercury suddenly shoots up from March and remains high until late June. Summers in Ahmedabad are extremely hot and dry. The average minimum temperature during this season stays at 23 degrees Celsius and average maximum temperature stays at 43 degrees Celsius. The highest recorded temperature in Ahmedabad was a torturous 47 degrees Celsius.

Monsoon season in Ahmedabad

By mid of June, the south west monsoon brings in a humid climate that hovers till mid of September. 93. 2 cm is the annual average rainfall received by the city of Ahmedabad. Infrequent torrential rains cause floods in rivers.

Advice for travelers to Ahmedabad

 October to March is the perfect period to visit a place like Ahmedabad with its cool and pleasant atmosphere. The festivals of Navratri and Deepavali which are full of vibrancy fall in October and shouldn’t be missed. The hot months of April to June should be strictly avoided for outings as it can lead to dehydration and sun strokes.

Content updated in January 2020

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