Tatkal Passport Application

Tatkal Passport – What is it, and who qualifies for the same?

Tatkal – as the word suggests – means Immediate / Urgent / emergency, as may be the case for the person who is applying for it. Now, Tatkal Passport means, out of turn allocation of passport to travel out of the India. (We have specifically mentioned India, because, no other country uses Tatkal Word for Out-of-turn or Urgent issuance of Passport).

As regards to eligibility, there are three categories of people who are eligible to apply for such a passport. In fact it covers all sections of the populace. The three broad sections are 1) People who are applying passport for the first time in their life, 2) Replacement of Lost or Damaged Passport, and 3) Re-issuance of expired passport.

Procedures & documentation for obtaining Tatkal Passport

  • If an applicant desires to obtain the passport under the Tatkal Scheme, a verification certificate as per the specimen as per ANNEXURE”F” and standard affidavit as Annexure “I” should be submitted along with the TATKAL fee.  The Passport Issuing Authority shall retain the right to verify in writing the authenticity of the Verification Certificate from the official who has issued it.  All applicants seeking a passport out of turn under the TATKAL Scheme are advised to submit their application, documentation, color photographs with white or light background only. No proof of urgency is required for Out-of-Turn issue of passport. After issuance of Tatkal Passport, Police Verification shall be done in respect of all passports issued under the Tatkal Scheme.
  • (B) The applicant also has the option to obtain a passport under Tatkal Scheme on submission of three documents from the Fourteen documents as mentioned below, provided one of the three documents is a photo identity document and at least one of the three is amongst the documents indicated from Document No.1 to Document No.9 and a standard affidavit (Annexure “I”) on non-judicial stamp paper duly attested by a Notary.

List of Supporting Documents Required for Tatkal passport application (Attach documents as described above)

1. Electors Photo Identity Card

2. Service Identity Card issued by State / Central Government, Public Sector Undertakings, local bodies or Public Limited Companies

3. SC/ST/ OBC Certificates

4. Freedom Fighter Identity Cards

5. Arms Licenses

6. Property Documents such as Pattas, Registered Deeds etc.

7. Rations Card

8. Pension Documents such as ex-servicemen’s Pension Book/Pension Payment order, ex-servicemen’s Widow/Dependent Certificates, Old Age Pension Order, or Widow Pension Order

9. Railway Identity Cards (In case the applicant is a permanent employee of Railways)

10. Income Tax Identity (PAN) Cards

11. Bank/ Kisan /Post Office Passbooks

12. Student Identity Cards issued by Recognized Educational Institutions

13. Driving License

14. Birth Certificates issued under the Birth and Death Act

(All above documents to be produced in original along with self-attested copies)

Fees Applicable for all the three categories of Tatkal Passport

Fresh Passport

1. Within 1-7 days of the date of Application Rupees 1,500/- plus the passport fee of Rs.1000/-
2. Within 8-14 days of the date of Application Rupees 1,000/- plus the passport fee of Rs.1000/-

Replacement of Passport (in lieu of Lost/Damage Passport)

1. Within 1-7 days of the date of Application Rupees 2,500/- plus the duplicate passport fee of Rs.2500/-
2. Within 8-14 days of the date of Application Rupees 1,500/- plus the duplicate passport fee of Rs.2500/-

Re-issue cases after expiry of 10 years validity

1. Within 3 working days of the date of application Rupees 1,500/- plus the passport fee of Rs.1000/-
Content updated in January 2020

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  • santosh

    sir can it possible to issue the passport without electors card, if the person have all document?

  • ashu

    please guide me ,how to start applying for the Tatkal passport online and what to do for getting the appointment.

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