Srisailam temple timings

The Srisailam temple opens at 4:30 AM in the morning. From 4-30 AM to 5 AM, mangala vadhyam is performed. From 5 AM to 5-15 AM, suprabatham is rendered. From 5-15 AM to 6-30 AM, Prathakala Pooja is performed and mangala aarthi is also performed.

From 6-30 to 1 PM, Sri Dharshan for devotees is allowed. During this time, archanas and abhishekams are performed to the deities by the devotees.

From 1 PM to 3-30 PM, Alankara Dharshan. During this time, the deities would be dressed with different dresses and flowers.

From 4-30 to 4-50 PM, mangala vadhyam is performed. From 4-50 to 5-20 PM, pradoshakala pooja is performed. From 5-20 to 6 PM, susandhyam and maha mangala aarthi are performed.

From 6 to 6-20 PM, special poojas for Bhramamba Devi are performed. From 6 – 30 to 9 PM, general dharshan for devotees. From 9 to 10 PM, dharma dharshan for devotees. After this, Ekantha sevai is available and the temple closes by 10 PM. There are different poojas and devotees have to pay for their poojas.

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