Spice jet Web check in

Spice jet web check in allows you to do online check in for your flight before 4 hours from the time of departure of your flight. You cannot do this earlier than 24 hours from the scheduled departure. This is a great facility to make your travel more comfortable.

When you visit www.spicejet.com and opt for web check-in then the system will ask for your pnr and the city of departure.

After the verification you need to select the passengers. You can see the seat map and choose your own seats. Once you have chosen the seats then you will be prompted by the system to confirm the name and seat number. Once you see that the information is correct then you can proceed further. You have to get a print out of the boarding pass and the customer copy. You need to carry them for boarding the flight.

Spicejet web check in as been introduced with a purpose of saving time for the passengers. The response to this has been great because this not only saves time but also gives a choice to the passengers to select their own seats. However you need to be aware of some important aspects related to web check-in.

After Spicejet web check in you cannot make any changes in the itinerary. You cannot carry check-in baggage if you have checked in online. The in-cabin baggage has to be according to the guidelines of BCAS. Infants, passengers with wheelchair and minors who are unaccompanied cannot check-in online. You need to carry a valid photo id card that is issued by any government authority.  Your boarding ass must be stamped by the check-in counter at the airport and this has been mandatory by BCAS.

For baggage details for web check-in you can visit the official website or call the customer services number 1800 180 3333 or 0987 180 3333.  It is good to get everything clear in the mind before you web check-in especially if you are doing it for the first time. 

Content updated in January 2020

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