Siddhivinayak temple

Sri siddhivinayak temple is one of the oldest temples of Mumbai. The city is very popular and easy to reach from all parts of India by trains and flights. The temple is situated in Prabhadevi and it is in the corner of Kakasaheb Gadgil Marg and S.K. Bole Marg, which always busy with traffic. This is one of the beautiful temples of Mumbai and pilgrims from all over the world are visiting this temple regularly. The temple was first established on 19th November of 1801.

This temple has been built with area of 3.6 square meters. The idol of Lord Sri siddhivinayak has been carved with black stone. The height of the deity is about two and half feet. People have the faith in this temple and when they worship Lord Ganesha of this temple, all of their problems are solved. Many devotees have experienced this. This temple was constructed by Late Sri Lakshman Vithu Patil, with the financial assistance from Ms. Deubai Patil. She prayed Lord Siddihivinayak to bless all women, who have no child to bless them with children and all other prosperities.

Though, Ms. Deubai Patil had no children, she didn’t pray for a child for her. The posture of Sri Siddhivinayak is different and He looks as if he is listening to all prayer from His devotees. Many women say that they are very happy that they have children, after sincere prayers with this Siddihi vinayak. Since this deity of Lord Ganesha is very powerful, people from all parts of India and abroad are worshiping this Siddhi vinayak. There are many hotels very near this temple and no problems for travelers to stay in this area. Cheap hotels are also available for sevarthis.

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