Sealdah New Delhi Rajdhani Express

Sealdah Rajdhani express connects Sealdah (Kolkata) and Delhi.  It covers a distance of 1454 kilometres in each direction. It takes 17 hours 30 minutes when operating services from Sealdah to New Delhi as train number 12313 at an average speed of 83 km/h, while on its return journey train no.12314 takes 17 hours 45 min to complete its journey at an average speed of 81 km/h.

SDAH RAJDHANIEX train number 12313 run all days of week from Sealdah to New Delhi and on its return journey from New Delhi to Sealdah train number 12314 SEALDAH RJDHANI also runs whole week.

It comprises with three classes of accommodation. First class AC, Second class AC and Third class AC.

Sealdah New Delhi Rajdhani Express Train

Details Sealdah New Delhi Rajdhani Express New Delhi Sealdah Rajdhani Express
Train Number 12313 12314
Days of Run All days of the week All days of the week
Originating station Sealdah New Delhi
Departure Time 1650 Hrs 1630 Hrs
Destination Station New Delhi Sealdah
Arrival time 1020 Hrs 1015 Hrs
Time taken 17 Hours and 30 Minutes 17 Hours and 45 Minutes
Average Running Speed 83 Kilometres per hour 81 Kilometres per hour
Distance covered 1454 kilometres 1454 kilometres
Fare 1st AC Rs 4150 Rs 4150
Fare AC 2 tier Rs 2420 Rs 2420
Fare AC 3 Tier Rs 1740 Rs 1740


Content updated in January 2020

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