Rameshwaram temple timings

Rameshwaram temple is India’s one of the most pious, venerated and holy temple. It consists of splendid Shiva Shrines which are dedicated to Sri Ramanathaswamy. Every year a lot of people visit Rameshwaram because of its religious significance. It is very closely associated with Sri Rama and his life who is the ultimate hero of Ramayana. Due to huge number of disciples and devotees coming to the temple every day Rameshwaram Temple maintains specific Rameshwaram temple timings for pooja and aarti so that any chaos can be avoided and everyone gets a fair chance to do his/her worship. Rameshwaram temple timings are very suitable for all its devotees. The temple is kept open form morning 5 AM to night 9 PM with an exception of 2hours from 1 PM to 2 PM because during that time the temple is kept closed. The pooja and other rituals are performed six times in a day and some specific timing is assigned to every ritual. The list of Rameshwaram temple timings along with the name of poojas are as follows:

Name of Pooja Pooja Timing
 Palliarai Deepa Arathana  5:00 AM
 Spadigalinga Deepa Arathana  5:10 AM
 Thiruvanathal Deepa Arathana  5:45 AM
 Vila Pooja  7:00 AM
 Kalasanthi Pooja  10:00 AM
 Uchikala Pooja  12:00 Noon
 Sayaratcha Pooja  6:00 PM
 Arthajama Pooja  8:30 PM
 Palliarai Pooja 8:45 PM

So if you palnning to visit Rameshwaram temple soon then pay heed to the above mentioned Rameshwaram temple timings in order to avoid in chaos and complexity. If you plan your visit according to the temple timings then you will finish your pooja and darshan in your stipulated time.

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