Rameshwaram Bridge

Rameshwaram is a very famous and holy place for all the Hindus in India. People from all over the country visit Rameshwaram in order to offer their worship to Lord Rama.

Rameshwaram has many attractions to visit which includes vide variety of temples and other tourist attractions. Amongst all the must places to visit in Rameshwaram one very important place is Rameshwaram Bridge. Rameshwaram Bridge is also known as Rama’s Bridge and Rama Setu (Bridge). This bridge connects Pambam Island and Rameshwaram Island. It is also assumed that this bridge has always been a former land nexus between Sri Lanka and India.

Length of Rameshwaram Bridge is 18 miles. Normally the sea around the Rameshwaram Bridge is shallow in nature and the bank of sea is dry. This bridge possesses a lot of mythological significance. It first came into existence in the Indian Epic Ramayana which was written by Valmiki. Lord Rama was the ultimate hero of this epic. The Bridge was built by an army of ape men (Vanara) in order to reach Lanka and rescue Sita from there. Sita was Lord Rama’s wife and she was abducted by evil Ravana and this bridge was constructed to save Sita from Ravana’s evil motives. Lord Rama is worshipped by all Hindus and this bridge was constructed by him and thus it possesses a lot of significance in all the Hindu’s life. Everyone who visits Rameshwaram and its temples makes sure that he/she also visits Rameshwaram Bridge also. Rameshwaram Bridge has a rich mythological history similar to all the other famous temples of Rameshwaram

Content updated in January 2020

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