Temperature in Delhi: weather and climatic conditions

New Delhi has a hot and humid climate for most part of the year. The temperatures in Delhi peak in the summer month of June and are minimum in the month of January. The temperature vary from 42 degrees Celsius in the hot and humid month of June to 4 degree Celsius in the chilling month of January. The two-month monsoon season, which comes in July, gives some respite from the summer heat but leads to increase in Humidity levels to uncomfortable. The climate in Feb march and October December is the best and this is also the best time to Visit Delhi

Current Delhi temperature | weather today and forecast for next three days

Winter season in Delhi

Winter in Delhi starts from the month of November and is very chilly which peaks in at the start of January month and continues till the end of February month. This season is short as compared to summer season. The fog, which engulfs Delhi in the winder months add to the climatic woos. Due to this thick fog blanket trains and air services are disrupted in the peak winter days due to poor visibility.

Advice to travellers

People travelling in the January month are cautioned of cancelled and delayed flights and trains. This happens every year and thus travellers are advised to avoid at least first fifteen days of January Month as cancelled flights and trains can lead to great trouble

Summer Season in Delhi

The summer season starts from the end of March and continues till July until the monsoons arrive in Delhi. The average temperature of New Delhi during summer ranges from 25º C to 44º C. May and June months are the hottest. Hot air waves (called loo in Hindi) are common in these months, which add to the discomfort. The arrival of monsoon bring some relief to Delhi from the scorching heat in July bout leads to increase in humidity levels,

Monsoon (Rainy Season)

The city does not witness much of rainy season. The monsoon lasts from July to beginning of September. The humidity levels are high in these months which reduces gradually and climate is pleasant from the October month

Annual average monthly temperatures and recorded temperatures

Month Average Temperatures
Average Monthly  Recorded Monthly 
Min  Max  Min  Max
January 7 21 -1 29
February 9 24 0 32
March 14 31 7 39
April 20 36 12 46
May 26 41 18 46
June 28 39 19 46
July 27 36 22 45
August 26 34 22 40
September 24 34 18 41
October 18 34 11 39
November 11 29 5 34
December 8 23 1 28
Content updated in January 2020

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