Mumbai Weather: Temperature and Climate

As Mumbai is covered with sea from three sides, there is much a soothing climate here in most part of the year.

There is not much difference between day and night temperature as it is in northern India. The temperature peak in the summer month of April, and is minimum in the month of January. The temperature here does not vary most of the time except in the summer. The summer here is hot and humid. The average temperature varies from 37 degrees Celsius in humid month of mid- March and April to 27 degree Celsius in month of December and January. The summer brings with itself the scorching heat and hot winds which makes everyone a bit uncomfortable. The best time to visit Mumbai is the start of monsoon. The climate is excellent with greenery all around with cool breeze blowing everywhere.

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Winter season in Mumbai

Month Mumbai Temperature
Average temperature Recorded temperature
Min Max Min Max
Jan 19 28 12 34
Feb 19 28 12 36
March 22 30 17 38
April 24 32 20 38
May 27 33 23 36
June 26 32 21 37
July 25 29 22 36
Aug 24 29 22 32
Sept 24 29 22 35
Oct 24 32 21 36
Nov 23 32 18 36
Dec 21 31 13 34

The winter season arrives bit lately from the expected time. It starts by the end of month of October soon after the monsoon ends. The minimum temperature is after the sunset, which is around 20-22 degree Celsius. The day temperature in Mumbai is still a bit hot in winter; it is around 30 degree Celsius. The cool breeze from the Arabian Sea drops the temperature amazingly after the sunset.

Summer season in Mumbai

The summer season in Mumbai arrives by the start of March and continues till mid- June. The blazing heat and hot winds is very scorching in Mumbai during the daytime. The average temperature in daytime is 37-40 degree Celsius. The month of April and May records the highest temperature of the summer in Mumbai. The pollution adds more to the blazing heat instantly.

Monsoon (Rainy Season) in Mumbai

The arrival time of monsoon is not fixed in Mumbai. Sometimes it comes early than expected time and sometimes it comes late. But most probably monsoon arrives by mid- June, soon after the summer. The city is relived by the scorching heat and there is coolness all around. The highest rainfall ever recorded in Mumbai was more than 2000 mm in month of July 2006.

The average rainfall which Mumbai receives every year is around 600-800 mm.

Advice to Travelers

The best time to visit Mumbai is from the month of July- August and from October- January. There is beauty in the tides of Mumbai in monsoon, high tides, soothing climate and much more. For all those people who want to see the infrastructure of Mumbai, the best time for them is after the mid- Night. There are no traffic problems at that time and the cool breezes blow throughout. Also the nightlife in Mumbai is among the few of the best in the Country.

Content updated in January 2020

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