Mumbai to Lucknow Travel Guide

Mumbai to Lucknow travel by Train

The distance between Mumbai and Lucknow is 1410 Kilometers and it takes about 24 to 30 hours to reach this place depending upon the type of train taken. Important Cities in between Lucknow and Mumbai are Kanpur, Jhansi, Bhopal and Nasik.

Lucknow Junction Railway Station

The Lucknow railway station is situated in famous Charbagh area of the old city part of Lucknow. The present red brick station building was built in the year 1926 having domes and minarets of Mughal architecture and has a frontage of long verandahs adorned with arches.

Distance of Important places from Lucknow railway station

Aminabad 2 km, Lalbagh 3.1 km, Hazratganj 3.5 km, Husainabad 6.1 km, Gomti Nagar 10.1 km and Airport 10.5 km.

Trains between Mumbai and Lucknow
Train No. Train Name Origin Dep. Time Destination Arr. Time
1015 KUSHINAGAR EXP LTT Mumbai 11:45 PM Lucknow 1:45 AM
2107 LUCKNOW SUP EXP LTT Mumbai 4:25 PM Lucknow 3:05 PM
2533A LUCKNOW SUP SPL CST Mumbai 1:35 AM Lucknow 1:55 AM
2534 PUSHPAK EXPRESS CST Mumbai 8:20 AM Lucknow 8:40 AM
9037 AVADH EXPRESS Bandra Terminus 10:40 PM Lucknow 6:25 AM
9039 AVADH EXPRESS Bandra Terminus 10:40 PM Lucknow 6:25 AM
Trains between Lucknow and Mumbai 
Train No. Train Name Origin Dep. Time Destination Arr. Time
1016 KUSHINAGAR EXP Lucknow 12:40 AM LTT Mumbai 4:15 AM
2108 LJN LTT EXPRESS Lucknow 10:45 PM LTT Mumbai 9:45 PM
2533 PUSHPAK EXP Lucknow 7:45 PM CST Mumbai 6:40 PM
2534A LKO LTT SF SPL Lucknow 8:30 PM LTT Mumbai 11:15 PM
9038 AVADH EXPRESS Lucknow 9:00 PM Bandra Terminus 3:47 AM
9040 AVADH EXPRESS Lucknow 9:00 PM Bandra Terminus 3:48 AM

Mumbai to Lucknow by Air

The Lucknow International Airport or Amausi International Airport is located about 20 km away from the city. Direct Flights between Mumbai and Lucknow. Some flights do not operate daily. Check with related airlines before planning your trip.

Direct flights between Mumbai and Lucknow

Flights between  Lucknow Mumbai Flights between Mumbai Lucknow
Airline Departure Arrival Airline Departure Arrival
Jetlite 14:10 16:15 Jetlite 11:30 13:35
Kingfisher 19:30 21:40 Kingfisher 10:25 12:30
Kingfisher 13:00 14:50 Kingfisher 16:45 18:55
Indigo 13:00 14:50 Indigo 9:35 11:30
Air India     Air India 14:00 16:00

Flights between New Delhi and Lucknow.

Connecting flights can be taken as per convenience of timings

Flights between Delhi Lucknow Flights between Lucknow Delhi
Airline Departure Arrival Airline Departure Arrival
Indigo 12:40 13:45 Indigo 14:50 16:00
Jetlite 18:55 19:55 Jetlite 7:25 8:25
Jetlite 5:55 6:55 Jetlite 15:30 16:30
Jetlite 13:50 14:50 Jetlite 20:25 21:25
Kingfisher 7:25 8:30 Kingfisher 9:00 10:05
Kingfisher 17:55 19:00 Kingfisher 19:30 20:35
Kingfisher 13:30 14:35 Kingfisher 15:20 16:25
Indian 16:30 17:25 Indian 10:00 11:00
Indian 8:05 9:00 Indian 18:05 19:00

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