Mumbai Amritsar Travel Guide

Mumbai to Amritsar by train

There are only three direct trains between Mumbai and Amritsar. However there are a large number of trains between Mumbai to New Delhi and New Delhi to Amritsar. So if planning to travel to Amritsar by train there are more options available if there is a break of journey in New Delhi.

Many superfast and express trains run between Mumbai and New Delhi which take less than 20 hours to reach New Delhi. Thease are Mumbai Delhi Duronto express, Mumbai Delhi Rajdhani express train and Mumbai Delhi Garib Rath express. Duronto express trains are the newly introduced non stop trains from source to destination.

Direct Trains between Mumbai and Amritsar
Train No. Train Name Origin Dep. Time Destination Arr. Time
1057 AMRITSAR EXPRES Dadar 12:35 AM Amritsar 4:30 PM
2903 GOLDENTEMPLE ML Mumbai Central 9:25 PM Amritsar 5:40 AM
2925 PASCHIM EXPRESS Mumbai Bandra 12:14 PM Amritsar 7:15 PM
Direct Trains Between Amritsar and Mumbai
1058 ASR DR EXPRESS Amritsar 8:35 AM Dadar 4:00 AM
2904 GOLDN TEMPLE ML Amritsar 9:25 PM Mumbai Central 5:40 AM
2926 PASCHIM EXPRESS Amritsar 8:15 AM Mumbai Bandra 3:15 PM

Mumbai to Amritsar by Air

There are no direct flights between Mumbai and Amritsar

The following are the flights between New Delhi and Amritsar. Connecting flight from Mumbai to Delhi can be planned accordingly.

New Delhi Amritsar by Air

The Raja Sansi airport, about 11 km from town, is connected by domestic flights to Delhi, Srinagar and Chandigarh. You can get to town by a pre-booked rented car, taxis or auto-rickshaws.

Delhi Amritsar Flights
Airline Departure Arrival
Jet Airways Konnect 12:40 14:00
Jet Airways Konnect 8:00 9:20
Kingfisher 18:45 20:10
Kingfisher 6:15 8:00
Indian 19:00 19:50
Amritsar Delhi Flights
Jet Airways Konnect 14:30 15:55
Jet Airways Konnect 9:50 11:10
Kingfisher 8:30 9:50
Kingfisher 20:40 22:10
Indian 20:45 21:35
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