Mumbai Jaipur Travel Guide

The Distance between Mumbai and Jaipur is 1200 kilometers. As the distance is too long the only comfortable options to travel between Mumbai and Jaipur is by train or by air. Mumbai and Jaipur being one of the tourist hotspots in India, there is good train connectivity between Mumbai and Jaipur and there are daily superfast and express trains available.

There are also regular flights between Mumbai and Jaipur

Mumbai Jaipur By Rail

Jaipur Railway Station is a central main station of the state of Rajasthan. The vast rail track of Indian Railways connects Jaipur station with all other cities of India. Mumbai Jaipur Trains 

Trains from Mumbai to Jaipur
Train name (no.) From To Departure Arrival Duration
Jp Garibrath Ex (2993) Bandra Terminus – Jaipur 12:55 6:40 17h 45m
Aravali Express (9707) Bandra Terminus – Jaipur 21:00 18:40 21h 40m
Maru Sagar Exp (2977) Vasai Road – Jaipur 22:35 16:00 17h 25m
Jaipur Superfas (2979) Bandra Terminus – Jaipur 15:45 10:40 18h 55m
Bct Jp Express (2955) Mumbai Central – Jaipur 18:50 12:55 18h 5m
Trains from Jaipur to Mumbai
Graib Rath (2994) Jaipur – Bandra Terminus 14:40 8:05 17h 25m
Aravali Express (9708) Jaipur – Bandra Terminus 8:55 6:45 21h 50m
Maru Sagar Exp (2978) Jaipur – Vasai Road 10:05 3:45 17h 40m
Jp Bdts Sup Exp (2980) Jaipur – Bandra Terminus 20:40 14:30 17h 50m
Jp Bct Supfast (2956) Jaipur – Mumbai Central 14:10 7:45 17h 35m

By Air

Jaipur Airport is located near Sanganer at a distance of 13 kms from the city of Jaipur. Many domestic airlines connect the city to all the major cities of India including Udaipur and Jodhpur as well. 

the following are the flights to from Jaipur to Mumbai 

Mumbai to Jaipur Flights
Airline Departure arrival
Go Air 14:50 16:30
Indigo 05:55 07:40
Spicejet 12:30 14:15
Jet Airways Konnect 5:55 07:30
Jet Airways Konnect 18:35 20:05
Kingfisher 11:25 13:10
Indian 14:30 16:05
Jaipur to Mumbai flights
Go Air 17:00 18:25
Indigo 17:20 19:20
Spicejet 14:00 15:50
Jet Airways Konnect 20:40 22:20
Jet Airways Konnect 08:10 09:50
Kingfisher 13:40 15:25
Indian 7:30 09:10

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