Mumbai Howrah Duronto Express train

Mumbai Howrah Duronto express train has been recently introduced by the Indian Railways. The train runs twice in week.  Mumbai Howrah Duronto is a super fast non-stop train and takes less time than any other express train on this route and moreover the fare is also less. There is a doctor on call in the train also in case of any emergencies. For added convenience the cost of food is included in the ticket cost.

Train No 12262 Howrah Mumbai Duronto Express runs from Howrah (HWH) on Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday while train No 12261 Mumbai Howrah Duronto runs from Mumbai CST  on Tuesday, Wed, Thurs and Sunday

The train has first AC, second AC and third AC class coaches and also has a pantry car. The following is the Duronto train details including timetable.

Mumbai Howrah Jn. Mumbai Duronto Express

Details Mumbai Howrah Duronto Howrah Mumbai Duronto
Train Number 12261 12262
Train Name Howrah Duronto HWH CSTM DURONT
Days of Run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
Originating station Mumbai CST Howrah (HWH)
Departure Time 17:15 08:20
Destination Station Howrah (HWH) Mumbai CST
Arrival time 19:40 10:30
Speed 90 Kms per hour 90 Kms per hour
Time taken Twenty six hours Twenty six hours
Distance covered 1968 kilometers 1968 kilometers
Fare 1st AC Rs 4725 Rs 4725
Fare AC 2 tier Rs 2695 Rs 2695
Fare AC 3 Tier Rs 1755 Rs 1755
Fare second Sleeper NA NA


  • The train is from source to destination no stops in between
  • There is no concession allowed on this train including senior citizen concession
  • Tatkal ticket booking facility is available on this train
  • Food is served inside the train

Howrah Jn (HWH) Railway Station in Kolkatta

Located in the heart of Howrah city, this is an important railway station in Kolkatta; the other one is Seladah Railway station. This is a very large station and has 22 platforms in total making it one of the largest railway stations in the world.

Distances of major landmarks from Howrah Station

Victoria memorial 7 kms, Esplanade 4 kms, Dum Dum Airport 20 kms and Eden Gardens 5 kms

Enquiry phone numbers at Howrah station

033- 26603535, 26602581, and 26603542

Content updated in January 2020

14 comments to Mumbai Howrah Mumbai Duronto Express

  • aly asgar

    i would like to travel through durota express from kolkata to mumbai and i would like to stop for ten minutes at Nagpur station so please let me that this tran stop at nagpur station

    thanking you


  • Nirav

    Duronto Exp from Mumbai to Howrah is it having stopage at Dhanbad or Tatanagar?

  • Moonmoon


    i wnat to know what is the fare for second class sleeper(Non-A/c).Is senior citizen is getting any concession.and from Mumbai cntral train leaves at what time.


  • Prasad Kanitkar

    Will you please clarify if Duranto Express travels starts at Mumbai CST or Mumbai Central. I suppose it should be Mumbai CST. If it is Mumbai CST, please do not mislead the travellers. Could you rectify the mistake?

  • aloke kumar seal.

    I traveled by via Duranto from Howrah to Pune I found pleasure in traveling,so fun to travel in railway never so easy in this rout,main advantage is not to take any bedding,food etc.more over no body disturbing during station to station for any seat or any begger stepping through, rather I will suggest the Hon Rly Minst. Mamta Didi to run a seperate same type of train full of three tyre sleeper non stop train like Duronto.

  • swagat

    how many days ago should the mumbai howrah duronto train can be booked


    whether howrah-mumbai duranto express halts at kalyan junction and if yes then what time it will reach at kalyan junction

  • Gwen

    the HOWRAH DURONTO is it clean to travel in ? are there signs of cockroaches and rats on board?



  • Prasenjit Maitra

    I am planning to avail Duronto from Howrah to Mumbai with my family. My son is 3 years old. Because of that Indian Railway is not allowing tickets for him. As they have the pantry car, can anyone please tell me, whether they serve food for the kids in the train if we order separately for that? Are they taking special order for kids and prepare there?

  • meena veera

    dear sir.
    i would like to know about the catering services in this train. as i heard that
    it provides meal twice. and second day the same sabji is provoded. which
    has been made earlier day.
    please claryfy this query as we are 80 people (a whole family) is going to travel by this we could arrarge our own meal

  • Bapi

    Kindly let me know that whether I will be able to get down at Nagpur if I book a ticket at Mumbai Duronto Express from Howrah. I will pay the full fare from HWH to CST.

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