Mumbai Haridwar Travel Guide

Mumbai to Haridwar travel by Train

The distance between Mumbai and Haridwar is 1640 Kilometers and it takes about 29 to 40 hours to reach this place depending upon the type of train taken (direct trains from Mumbai).

Important Cities in between Mumbai and Haridwar are Surat , Kota, Delhi and Roorkee.

There are only two direct trains from Mumbai to Haridwar listed below

9019 Dehradun Express is a daily train between Mumbai and Dehradun. It has only second-class sleeper coaches and takes 40 hours to reach Haridwar. The fare is Rs 437

The other train 2287 originates from Kochuveli in Kerala and passes through Panvel and Kalyan near Mumbai. This train runs once a week on Friday only. There is difficulty to book tickets this train from Mumbai, as station quota of Kalyan and Panvel station is very less.

Train timings between Mumbai and Haridwar

Train No. Train Name Origin Dep. Time Destination Arr. Time
2288 DDN KCVL SUP EX Haridwar 7:43 AM Panvel 12:25 PM
9020 DEHRADUN EXP Haridwar 12:50 PM Bandra Terminus 4:30 AM
9019 DEHRADUN EXP Bandra Terminus 11:35 PM Haridwar 3:20 PM
2287 DEHRADUN EXP Panvel 11:00 AM Haridwar 4:00 PM

 It is advised to travel to Delhi on other super fast trains from Mumbai and take connecting train to Haridwar. Refer New Delhi to Haridwar travel section for more details on this

The following are the important trains that start from Mumbai and go towards Delhi and beyond. The Rajdhani trains take only 16 hours to reach Delhi. The fare for 3rd AC sleeper is Rs 1495. Evening snacks and Dinner is included in this fare.

Trains Between Mumbai and New Delhi

Train No. Train Name Origin Dep.Time Destination Arr.Time
1057 AMRITSAR EXPRES Dadar 12:35 AM New Delhi 4:10 AM
2137 PUNJAB MAIL Mumbai CST 8:40 PM New Delhi 9:15 PM
2471 SWARAJ EXPRESS Bandra Terminus 8:28 AM New Delhi 4:30 AM
2903 GOLDENTEMPLE ML Mumbai Central 9:25 PM H Nizamuddin 6:30 PM
2907 BDTS SMPRK K EX Bandra Terminus 4:50 PM H Nizamuddin 1:45 PM
2909 NZM GARIB RATH Bandra Terminus 4:55 PM H Nizamuddin 10:00 AM
2925 PASCHIM EXPRESS Bandra Terminus 12:14 PM New Delhi 10:55 AM
2951 MUMBAI RAJDHANI Mumbai Central 4:40 PM New Delhi 8:30 AM
2953 AUG KR RAJ EXP Mumbai Central 5:40 PM H Nizamuddin 11:00 AM
9023 FZR JANATA EXP Mumbai Central 7:25 AM New Delhi 12:45 PM

Mumbai to Haridwar by Air

Jollygrant at Dehradun is the nearest airport i.e. 35 Kms from Haridwar. But there is no direct flight between Mumbai and Haridwar. Kingfisher airlines operates two daily flight between New Delhi and Dehradun / Haridwar. The following are the details.

Airline Delhi to Haridwar Haridwar to Delhi
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
Kingfisher 10:20 11:20 11:50 12:50
Kingfisher 14:50 15:50 16:20 17:30

Connecting flight suiting these timings can be booked on Mumbai Delhi sector

Airport enquiry telephone number at Dehradun 0135-2412052-53

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