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Mumbai Ajmer by train

Ajmer Junction Railway Station is located on the Delhi Ahmedabad section of the Western Railways. It is connected to metro cities by broad gauge line.

There are many trains between Mumbai and Ajmer at different times of the day. Aravali express is a daily train , rest of the trains run on different days of the week. Please visit the Indian railways website for more details on the timings.

Ajmer Railway Station has been identified for development into World Class Station by the Indian railways

It is planned to provide state-of-the-art station building with good architecture and having segregation of arrival/departure of passengers, modern amenities like food plazas, currency exchange counter, tourist information booth, retail outlets, Internet café, ATM facilities, Hotels, car rentals, prepaid taxi booths wherever feasible, well illuminated circulating area, etc.

Trains between Ajmer and Mumbai

Train No. Train Name Origin Dep.Time Destination Arr.Time
238 JP BCT SF SPL Ajmer 7:20 PM Mumbai Central 1:05 PM
2215 BDTS GARIB RATH Ajmer 5:05 PM Mumbai Bandra 8:05 AM
2215A BDTS G R SPL Ajmer 5:05 PM Mumbai Bandra 8:05 AM
2978 MARU SAGAR EXP Ajmer 7:35 AM Panvel 5:05 AM
2990 AII BCT EXPRESS Ajmer 7:20 PM Mumbai Dadar 12:42 PM
2994A BDTS G R SPL Ajmer 5:05 PM Mumbai Bandra 8:05 AM
2996A AII BDTS SF EXP Ajmer 8:30 PM Mumbai Bandra 2:30 PM
6209 AII MYS EXPRESS Ajmer 5:50 AM Kalyan 1:05 AM
6531 YPR GARIB NAWAJ Ajmer 5:50 AM Kalyan 1:05 AM
9708 ARAVALI EXPRESS Ajmer 11:10 AM Mumbai Bandra 6:45 AM

Trains Between Mumbai and Ajmer

Train No. Train Name Origin Dep.Time Destination Arr.Time
237 JAIPUR SUP F SP Mumbai Central 2:20 PM Ajmer 8:15 AM
2216 DEE GARIBRATH Mumbai Bandra 12:55 PM Ajmer 4:08 AM
2993A DELHI SARAI R S Mumbai Bandra 1:23 PM Ajmer 4:10 AM
2995 BDTS AII UDZ EX Mumbai Bandra 3:45 PM Ajmer 9:50 AM
9707 ARAVALI EXPRESS Mumbai Bandra 9:00 PM Ajmer 4:05 PM
2977 MARU SAGAR EXP panvel 7:38 PM Ajmer 5:35 PM
6210 AJMER EXPRESS Kalyan 9:45 PM Ajmer 5:25 PM
6532 GARIB NAWAZ EXP Kalyan 9:45 PM Ajmer 5:25 PM


By Air

The nearest airport from Ajmer is the Jaipur airport 135 kilometers away. The airport is further located near Sanganer at a distance of 13 kms from the city of Jaipur. Taxis are readily available at Jaipur airport and it takes a little more than two hours to reach Ajmer. There is six lane expressway from Jaipur which passes close to Ajmer. The following are the flights to and from Jaipur to Mumbai.

Mumbai to Jaipur Flights

Airline Departure arrival
Go Air 14:50 16:30
Indigo 05:55 07:40
Spicejet 12:30 14:15
Jet Airways Konnect 5:55 07:30
Jet Airways Konnect 18:35 20:05
Kingfisher 11:25 13:10
Indian 14:30 16:05

Jaipur to Mumbai flights

Go Air 17:00 18:25
Indigo 17:20 19:20
Spicejet 14:00 15:50
Jet Airways Konnect 20:40 22:20
Jet Airways Konnect 08:10 09:50
Kingfisher 13:40 15:25
Indian 7:30 09:30
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