Motihari New Delhi Motihari Garib Rath Express train

The Garib Rath express train is one of the premier trains introduced by the Indian Railways in 2005 to provide fully air-conditioned travel to those passengers who could not afford the expensive tickets of the fully air-conditioned coaches as in Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express.

Therefore, the Garib Rath, whose name means “Poor Man’s Chariot”, was introduced with the facilities of being fully air-conditioned and running faster than most other super-fast express trains running presently. The maximum speed of Garib Rath trains is 130 km/hr  which is the same as Rajdhani’s top speed. However, in Garib Rath trains, passengers are not normally provided with blankets and pillow and they have to pay extra to get those. They have continuous running electronic display, which will show distance remaining, next station name and expected time to reach there. The coaches are also decorated with beautiful paintings of Indian heritage artwork. The emergence of the Garib Rath has led to more connections between commercially important routes, where these trains run faster and make fewer stops.

Motihari New Delhi Motihari Garib Rath Express bearing numbers 12211 and 12212 halts at Sagauli, Bettiah, Narkatiaganj, Gorakhpur, Gonda, Lucknow, Shahjehanpur, Bareilly, Moradabad, and Anandvihar Terminus on its journey from Motihari to New Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin. On its return journey it leaves from Anand Vihar Terminus of New Delhi, Instead of Hazrat Nizamuddin, which may please be taken note of.

This train has all compartments comprising of AC 3 Tier Class of Journey. The Comprehensive details such as train name, their numbers, and days of run and other related information are provided underneath in the table.

Motihari New Delhi Motihari Garib Rath Express
Details Motihari Hazrat Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express New Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus Motihari Garib Rath Express
Train Number 12211 12212
Days of Run Only on Friday Only on Wednesday
Originating station Bapudam Motihari, Bihar New Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus
Departure Time 1650 Hrs 2100 Hrs
Destination Station New Delhi Anand Vihar Terminus Bapudam Motihari, Bihar
Arrival time 1225 Hrs 1605 Hrs
Time taken 19 Hrs and 47 Minutes 19 Hrs and 05 Minutes
Distance covered 980 kilometers 980 kilometers
Average Running Speed 50.18 Kilometers per hour 51.58 Kilometers per hour
Fare AC 3 Tier Rs 700 Rs 700

Bapudham Motihari Railway Station

Station Code MKI

General Enquiry 131

Reservation Enquiry 132

It may please be noted that if you are calling these numbers from outside of Motihari then prefix it with the STD Code of Motihari, which is 06252. For example if you are calling 131 then please dial it as 06252131.

Motihari Railway Station is on the Sagauli-Samastipur railway line. Darbhanga-Amritsar Jan Nayak Express, Raxaul-Delhi Sadbhawna Express and Mithila Express are the main train connections. The station is located about 31 km from Lauria Areraj. It is under the administrative control of the East Central Railways. Seat reservation is computerized. Going north-west, Sagauli Junction Railway Station is the nearest railhead. Muzaffarpur Junction Railway Station is to the south-east of Motihari. Patna Airport is 298 km away.

Amenities at Motihari railway station

  • Waiting rooms
  • Retiring rooms
  • Computerized reservation offices
  • Tourist information centers
  • Medical and general shops,
  • Refreshment / snacks room
  • Book stalls and STD /PCO booths.
  • Wheel Chairs and Stretchers.
  • Internet Browsing Hubs.

Major landmarks in & around Motihari from Motihari railway station

The nearest Airport is at Pantna at 170 kilometers. Other famous places of tourist interests are

Gandhi Sangrahalaya

It has on display an array of photographs and relics of the Champaran satyagraha.

Schools started by Gandhi

The schools started by Mahatma Gandhi in the village of Barharwa Lakhensen and Madhuban are among other important sites of interest in the vicinity of Motihari.


There’s a stupa at Kesaria near Motihari which is said to be the tallest and the largest Buddhist stupa in the world.It was discovered in 1998 through excavation by the Archaeological Survey of India.

The stupa’s height is 104 feet, which is far less than its reported original height.Yet,it is one ft taller than the famous Borobodur stupa in Java.Legend has it that Buddha,on his last journey,is reported to have spent a memorable night at Kesaria,where he reportedly made some historical revelations.These were later recorded in a Buddhist Jataka story

Orwell’s birth place

George orwell,one of the greatest writersof twentieth century and author of famous books like ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’,was born in Motihari in 1903.His father Richard walmesley Blair was a deputy posted in the opium department in Bihar.The cottage,where the famous author was born,lies in the midst of the town.A plaque commemorating has birth place stands outside the house.

Areraj Temple

A little away from Motihari lies the temple town of Areraj.The Shiva temple here is a popular pilgrim site.Also at Areraj lies an Ashokan pillar attracting tourists throughout the year.

Lake Town

Motihari has a picturesque lake-Motijheel-running through it.

New Delhi Anand Vihar Railway Station

Station Code ANVR

General Enquiry 131

Reservation Enquiry 132

Train Arrival & Dep 133

It may please be noted that if you are calling these numbers from outside of Delhi then prefix it with the STD Code of Delhi / New Delhi which is 011. For example if you are calling 131 then please dial it as 011131.

The New Delhi Anand Vihar Railway Station is the latest addition which has been built at a cost of 240 crores, and inaugurated on 19th December 2009, in order to decongest the New Delhi Railway Station. This station is being integrated to the Anand Vihar Metro Railway Station, as also by regular means of transport to New Delhi Railway Station. The entire complex is spread over 42 acres and will have seven platforms in total and handle over three lakh passengers daily and as many as 270 trains when it is fully operational, the sources said.

Amenities at New Delhi Anand Vihar railway station

  • Waiting rooms
  • Retiring rooms
  • Computerized reservation office
  • Tea stalls
  • Refreshment room both vegetarian and non vegetarian
  • Book stalls
  • STD / PCO booth
  • G.R.P office
  • Cyber cafe
  • Wheel chairs and stretchers

Distances of major landmarks from New Delhi Anand Vihar railway station

New Delhi Railway Station is 13 kilometers, Rashtrapati Bhawan 18 kilometers, Parliament House 14 kilometers, Pragati Maidan 8 kilometers, old Delhi station 9 kilometers, Hazrat Nizamuddin Station 10 kilometers, Faridabad 28 kilometers, and Indira Gandhi International Airport is 36 kilometers from this railway station.

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