Ladakh trekking season

If you think of Adventure travel in India then Ladakh is the first name that comes to your mind. It is one of the most wonderful places that are visited for experiencing the rawness of the beauty of nature and the beautiful and unique culture and lifestyle of the people.

Ladakh lies in remote Himalayan region and this place is heaven for the adventure travelers. Ladakh means ‘land of passes’ and the name itself gives you an idea of the roughness of the geography of the place.

The best Ladakh trekking season is from June to September and most of the treks are open for trekking during this period. Trekking in this region in winters may not be possible for all but some treks are open throughout the year. Trekking in Ladakh is be a nice and memorable experience for all because the treks are conducted in the grand and traditional Himalayan trekking style.

The trekking crew takes care of the tour, food, tents and the duffel bags of the trekkers’. You get a guide on your trekking tour. Markha valley trek is the most popular trek but other treks in the beautiful valley are also nonetheless. It is better to pick a tour package if you are visiting Ladakh because the place is not too familiar to most of the people and professional help may ease your travel. You get direct flight to this place from Delhi.

Content updated in January 2020

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