Kochi railway station waiting room

Being a famous tourist destination Kochi often experiences cases when the number of tourists visiting Kochi is quite large.  This increase in number does not act as a barrier in enjoying the enthralling scenic beauty of Kochi provided you plan your trip very well. If you feel that you are unable to do so on your own then you can fill up the below available form and we will arrange the best travel quote for you.  Kochi is a city which is well connected to rest of the Cities in India through its well functioning railway station and airports. Railway station is the preferred mode of commutation of majority of people and thus the importance of railway station and its whereabouts is more than any other travel mode. Kochi railways stations are well equipped with all the basic amenities. Kochi railway station waiting rooms allow you to wait for your train in a systematic way.

Kochi railway station waiting rooms are fully functional and well equipped with all the basic amenities. It has clean bathrooms, comfortable chairs and in some cases comfortable beds as well. If your train has been delayed by many hours then you can spend your time comfortably in Kochi railway station waiting room. If you have a prior knowledge of your itinerary and you know that you have to wait for some hours at the railway station then book Kochi railway station waiting room in advance to avoid any hassle. You might have to pay some amount for booking a waiting room if that is a case; make it a point to book it in prior. If there are many waiting rooms then availability of rooms are often displayed on charts which are available at various places in railway stations. Kochi railway station waiting room will definitely give you a satisfying waiting experience.

Railway station Name Railway station enquiry Number
Ernakulam Junction 132, 1361, 0484 -2353751
Ernkaulam Town Railway Station 0484-2395198
Content updated in January 2020

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  • Jagannathan

    Pl advise how to book in advance a retiring room at Ernakulam Town Railway station? And if possible the types of accommodations and rents. Thank you, – R. Jagannathan

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