Kochi railway station name

Kochi, also known as Cochin is a famous tourist destination in Kerala.  It is also considered to be the industrial capital of Cochin. Cochin is blessed with rich natural beauty and exciting beaches. Its tropical temperature has acted as an added asset for the city. More and more tourists are visiting Cochin everyday just to enjoy the amazing scenic beauty. The travel connectivity to Cochin from the other city is very good. You will always find some or the other train which goes to Cochin from your city. You can come to Cochin through flights as well as trains. You will always find the following Kochi railway station name in the list of railways stations in Cochin.

  • Ernakulam Junction: The first and most important Kochi railway station name is Ernakulam Junction. The station code of this railways station is ERS. This railway station is just 20 kilometers away from the airport. There are many accommodation facilities which are available close to this railway station. Along with it this railway station is equipped with all the basic amenities like waiting room, reservation offices, basic eatables stalls, and refreshment items both vegetarian and non vegetarian.
  • Ernkaulam Town Railway Station: Another but equally important Kochi railway station name is Ernkaulam Town Railway Station. The station code of this railway station is ERN. It is also known as north railway station of Kochi. It is closely located to various bus stand and hotels. It is located at the distance of 21 kilometers from Kochi airport so you don’t have to bother a lot if you are travelling from Kochi airport as well. This railway station is also well equipped with all the basic amenities like eatable stalls, waiting room, refreshment etc.

Both the Kochi railways station names mentioned above are fully equipped with every possible amenity. There are various reservations enquiry numbers on which you can call and resolve your queries related to both the above mentioned railway stations.

Content updated in January 2020

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