Kochi railway station enquiry

Kochi is a famous tourist spot located in the beautiful city Kerala. Like Kerala Kochi also boasts rich natural beauty and amazing natural sightseeing. Kochi also possesses wonderful beaches which are well equipped with all sorts of water sports as well. Apart from these natural benedictions Kochi has a rich religious and cultural history as well. It has amazing folk dances and festivals. If you too want to enjoy all this then plan a trip to Kochi at the earliest. Kochi is well connected to rest of the Cities in India. Its two main railway station that are Eranakulam Junction and Ernakulam Town railway station are well equipped with all the basic amenities. You can also call up Kochi railway station enquiry number in order to resolve any doubts that you have regarding the trains and their other whereabouts. For more detailed information find below the list of the Kochi’s main railway stations along with Kochi railway station enquiry numbers.

Railway station Name Railway station enquiry Number
Ernakulam Junction 132, 1361, 0484 -2353751
Ernkaulam Town Railway Station 0484-2395198

Kochi railway station enquiry allows you to get all the information related to your reserved train like the train number, departure time, arrival time etc. You can call up any of the above mentioned Kochi railway station enquiry numbers in order to get a clearer picture of all the whereabouts of your reserved train. Calling up Kochi railway station enquiry number will also help you in getting the information about the availability and frequency of the trains as well. For any other details regarding the travel package you can fill up the below available form and we will prepare the best travel quote for your journey. This custom package will fulfill all your requirements and will allow you to enjoy your trip to the fullest

Content updated in January 2020

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