Kerala weather in March

To enjoy the enthralling natural beauty of Kerala you should visit Kerala in the month of March. Kerala’s weather in March ranges from average low of 25 degree Celsius to average high of 31 degree Celsius that is not too cold and not too hot making it just perfect for your holiday. This tropical temperature allows you to enjoy your trip without any worry. All you should do is plan you holiday well in advance and if you have any doubt just fill up the below mentioned form and we will plan the best holiday package for you and your family.

With the commencement of March the temperature turns to the most tropical form. Kerala’s weather in March is windy and pleasant. To enjoy Kerala’s weather in March you should carry cotton clothes which are loose in fitting and light in color. These clothes will fit to Kerala’s weather in March. With the starting of March Sun also starts to show its brighter side, so always carry your sunglasses and sun screen lotion with yourself in order to avoid any adverse situation. Kerala’s weather in March might also fluctuate a little and if you are not very adaptable to sudden climatic changes then carry few woolen clothes for late night and early morning.

Kerala’s weather in March opens a lot of options for rejuvenating yourself as most of the Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala organize rejuvenating programs from March onwards. So along with the natural scenic beauty you can also enjoy relaxing Ayurvedic massages and treatments. Along with these important things tourists should also carry a kit of necessary medicines.

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