Kerala weather in January

Kerala is a natural paradise for all the tourists. The number of visitors visiting Kerala is increasing day by day. It is because of its enthralling natural beauty and tropical temperature. If you want to enjoy the rich scenic beauty in windy air and a less temperature then January is the best time to visit Kerala. Kerala’s weather in January adds more coziness to the scenic beauty of Kerala. Kerala’s weather in January is a little colder as compared to other months.

Kerala’s weather in January allows you to enjoy all the hot cuisines of Kerala. The temperature ranges from minimum of 22 degree Celsius to maximum of 30 degree Celsius. If you are visiting Kerala in the month of January then it is advised to carry some of your woolen cloths and quilt because there are times when temperature suddenly drops down making the atmosphere very chilling. Don’t carry too much traveling stuff with yourself as all the basic things are very easily available in the local markets of Kerala. Kerala is famous for its stunning landscapes and natural panoramic views and Kerala’s weather in January allows you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Kerala weather in January is very soothing because of which the number of visitors visiting Kerala at this time is increasing day by day. So it always better to plan your trip well in advance and for a cost effective travel package you can fill up the form below with some basic details and we will plan the best travel package for your visit to Kerala.

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