Kerala weather in February

Nature has bestowed Kerala with the best of natural beauty and beaches. It is also inundated with various revenue earning areas like spices, pearls, coffee etc. It has now become of the most popular tourist and honeymoon destinations in India. If it is about a holiday in south then Kerala visit is must for you. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty to the fullest then you should visit Kerala in the month of February. Kerala’s weather in February attracts the maximum tourist to Kerala.

Kerala’s weather in February is very tropical usually ranging from average low temperature of 24 degree Celsius to average high of 30 degree Celsius. If you are not very adaptable to sudden climatic changes then you should carry some woolen clothes in your luggage as sudden changes in climate can happen. If you are planning for some trekking then you are ought to carry woolen clothes because as you climb up the temperature goes down. It might occasionally rain as well so it is also advised to carry an umbrella for emergency purpose. Kerala weather in February gives you opportunity of enjoying various Ayurvedic massages and other treatments as well because the moderate cold temperature in January is apt for these Ayurvedic treatments.

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