Kerala weather in December

If we are talking about holiday destinations in south then mentioning of Kerala is must. Kerala has now become a fascinating holiday destination for almost all the tourist visiting southern part of India. Kerala is rich in natural assets. It is blessed with wonderful beaches and scenic beauty. Apart from the scenic beauty its temperature acts as an added advantage for all the tourists. If you are planning your visit in December then Kerala’s weather in December will leave you spellbound with its warm and cozy tropical temperature.

Kerala’s weather in December rages from average low temperature of 23 degree Celsius to average high 32 degree Celsius. It is normally very cozy temperature to enjoy the rich scenic beauty of Kerala. During late night and early morning the temperature might drop down to 20 degree Celsius so if you are not comfortable with sudden chilling atmosphere then it is advised to keep you bags updated with few woolen cloths as well. But if you are open to sudden climatic change you don’t have to bother about the woolen clothes at all. Normally during the day time the temperature will be lukewarm and very apt to go out and enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala. During December you will also observe many holidays so it is the best time to make the most of your holidays and Kerala weather in December is an added asset to your visit to Kerala. To get the best holiday packages to Kerala fill up the below mentioned form and we will arrange the best travel package for your holiday.

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