Weather in Katra and Bhawan

Before planning the Mata Vaishnodevi trip having an idea about Katra`s weather can be beneficial in a long way in having a successful Darshan without any inconvenience and or any health trouble.

Katra town in Jammu and Kashmir is located at an altitude of around  2500 ft ( 751 meters)  above mean sea level while the Bhawan of Mata Vaishno Devi located in Trikuta hills 13 Kms from Katra is located at nearly 5200 ft (1560 meters) above mean sea level. As the height difference is more than doubble there is a significant climate difference between the two locations.

Current climatic conditions: Katra weather hd (humidity)| next two days | weekly forecast

The temperature in the Bhawan area is significantly lower than that of Katras temperature. As the Devotees visit both these places in a day ( span of 24 hours)  checking the climate conditions and temperature at Katra alone may thus be misleading, for, even at the height of summer  heat, the Bhawan area is considerably cold.

The temperature at the Bhawan is 5 to 10 degrees less as compared to Katra temperature.

The following is the annual temperature variation chart, this will give an idea to the devotees to plan their visit and clothing requirements.

Location Distance Altitude Temperature °C
  from Katra in feet Winter Summer
  Kilometers   Min. Max. Min. Max.
Katra 0 2500 3 15 20 40
Banganga 1 2800 . . . .
Charan Paduka 2.5 3380 . . . .
Adhkuwari 6 4800 1 14 16 35
Himkoti 8.5 5120 . . . .
Sanjichhat 9.5 6200 . . . .
Bhawan 13 5200 -2 13 15 30
Bhairon Ghati

(Via Bhawan)

14.5 6619 -3 11 12 25

Clothing requirements


Light woolens at the Bhawan Complex, normal summer clothing at Katra are advised. Humidity levels are high in summer months of July and August during the rainy season


Moderate to heavy woolens are suggested in the winter months from December to Feb. There is snowfall also in the winter months in the Bhawan area, the yatris need to be careful and cautious about this. The temperatures also goes goes down to sub-zero in December and January months. Monkey caps and scarf’s are suggested to beat the winter icy winds. 

Free availability of Blankets at the Bhawan

Blankets are available free of charge at the Bhawan complex. This service is provided by the Mata Vaishno Devi trust. However a refundable security deposit of Rs 100 per blanket is to be deposited for this. There is no need to carry blankets etc to the Bhawan from Katra.

Content updated in January 2020

61 comments to Katra Weather

  • Jai Krishan Sharma

    Kindly let me know when should we visit Vaishno Devi Shrine during September in view of heavy rains in the region. Kindly also apprise the latest weather condition of the area. Whether it is proper to travel in August month, in the view of the present weather conditions of the area. Awaiting your valuable suggestions. Thanks.

  • sundareswaran

    I would like to visit vaishnodevi during last weekof January. Anyone can provide wathr conditions during that time . Awaiting for valuable suggestios. thanks

    • MANISH

      the weather in january is really chilly. the temperatures can dip below 0 degree at bhawan and bhairo ghati…during my last visit in late january there was snowfall so you should take heavy woollen clothes with you and the required medicines..jai mata di

    • vinay

      Start week of Jan on wards climate will be very chilling & unpredictable. though Katra city has never witnessed snowfall, however from Ardhakunwari onwards there can be heavy snowfall & rain. last winter in 1st week of Jan we did darshan of Mata Vaishnodevi in -3 temp. Specially if you are travelling with infants of kids be very carefull of having frost bite & many other complicaion.

  • anuj rastogi

    i want to gi vaishnodevi during last weak of january. pls teel me weather condition during that time.

  • suparna chawla

    hi im planning to visit vaishnodevi in the last week week of february, with kids along pls provide me with the climate conditions.

    • vinay

      pl. avoid. climate will be very cold & chilling with snowfall. Roads slippery.
      even the Helicopter service is put off most of the time in Jan / Feb.

      Children will get very nasty frost bite & can be dangerous. I have faced this problem.
      Jai Mata Di

  • mahendra

    i want to know that, Is there any local bus from jammu airport to katra. plz give me details on my email id. i will be very grateful for u.

    • Indian Travel Guru

      There is no local bus from Jammu Airport to Katra, taxi service is available. Jammu Katra local bus is available from the bis stand only

    • vinay

      pl. use pre-paid taxi service which is very safe & they will drop you till your hotel.

  • krishnamurthy

    Can i be informed about the dress to be used during 2nd week of october month

    • Indian Travel Guru

      Katra will be warm, but the shrine will be colder as it is high in the hills so do carry light woolens with you. The nights will be colder at the shrine, but you can get blankets there if required, but carrying your own light woolens is advisable. Also book the shrine board guest house there if you want to stay there. This can be done online.

  • D Banerjee

    Can i be informed about the weather condition in the last week of December.

  • Bhawana sharma

    Me & my friends are coming to Vaishno devi before 15Jan. Sir can you tell me the current weather condition at main Bhawan.We want to experience the snow fall besides Darshan. The website of mata vaishno devi shows only weather of Katra..

    We are waiting for your reply..


  • manpreet

    Went on 6-Jan-2012
    It was snowing at bhawan, bharon ghati like anything.

    No Light at all.

    My woodland big shoes done amzing job, thanks woodland and jai mata di
    seen people slipping and crying in snow (with kids)

    so plan your trip carefully,
    carry tourch, good quality shoes, raincoats, and other necessary things from home.

    rest on mata rani

    Jai Mata di

  • Vijay Adhikari


    I want to take darshan of Ma Vaishnodevi in midle of April along with my family, kindly know me the climate condition.

  • Ramesh

    Hi!! I am a regular visitor to Vaishnodevi Shrine. You must have a thermal wear ( must) in addition to a good woolen clothing, handgloves , monkey caps and a good pair of shoes. Carry some dry fruits as well that will give you energy. That’s all YOU WILL HAVE WONDERFUL DARSHAN WITH ZERO WAITING TIME. THE SNOW CAPPED HIMALAYAS WILL BE AN ADDED INCENTIVE. JAI MATA DI…

  • amit manchanda

    i m going to mata vaishno devi on 27 jan…..please let me khow is there any possibility of any snow fall ………….thnk you……….jai mata di…………

  • Tiya Punjabi

    Pls kindly let meknow the weather conditions at Mata Vaishno devi Bhawan as we have alredy booked tickets for dat.the Date we will reach is 29th January 2012.Is there any possibilty of snow fall. thankyou…….

  • Anamika Arora

    Pls let me know the weather conditions at Mata Vaishno Devi Bhawan as we have already booked tickets for dat. Date we will reach is 13-Feb-2012.

  • vivek mathur

    pls let me know the weather conditions at mata vaishno devi bhawan, i am planning to reach on 25feb 2012 with my family and 2 yrs son, kindly suggest its ok to visit.thanks

  • arti

    Pls let me know the weather conditions at Mata Vaishno Devi Bhawan as we have already booked tickets for dat. Date we will reach is 25-Feb-2012.

  • Aparna

    Please let me know what kind of precautions should i take with my infant baby to go to vaisnovidevi darsan

    • Indian Travel Guru

      Carry warm clothes for the child, also buy one good quality baby carry backpack to carry the bay easily during the journey of 13 Kms. Food etc is available on the way

  • Shikha Chawla

    Can u please advice me that august is the good month to visit vaishno devi or not. whether there is rain in the mid of august from 12 to 15

  • shashank

    is july-august is suitable for vaisnodevi yatra??

  • sandeep

    i want to go mata vaishno devi in month of feburary first week plz give me advice for travel

  • deepa

    Hi i want to visit Vaishnovidevi in mid Aug’12, will it be raining heavily there, i have a 3 yr old child with me

  • Ranjeet Gupta.

    the august season is the best for travelling vaisno devi yatra

  • Sunita Jaitley

    I am going to Vaishnodevi on 5th of September with my old parents. How is the weather there. Is it safe to travel that time?

  • rashi

    can we carry camera with us during yatra………….plz tell if any kind of strictness.

    • Indian Travel Guru

      You can carry anything you want with you. There are lockers available in the Vaishnodevi temple complex provided by the temple management and you can keep your belongings safely there when you go for darshan inside the temple. Please note that nothing is allowed inside the main temple area.

  • nandini

    i m planning to go vaishno devi temple in the beginning of the oct…plz let me know about the weather condition……

  • jwalant yogi

    Dear sir / mam,

    i want to visit vaishno devi along with my family in last week of february.will it be possible to visit vaishno devi at that time or some chances of snowfall is there? also, please tell me that is the vaishno devi cave opened in that period or not? Please suggest?

    • Indian Travel Guru

      There are chances of snowfall in February. The temperatures will be down. The vaishnodevi cave is open all 265 days, 24 hours


    I am planning to Go vaishno devi in 1st week of Dec’2013.
    Plz, let me know about the weather condition.

  • Sridevi

    I would like to know how the weather would be in February 2013 as I m planning to take my parents [60 plus years old] to Vaishno Devi trip – just for 2day trip.
    Kindly advise

    • Indian Travel Guru

      The weather will be most suitable to visit Vaishno Devi in Febeuary. You will not face any problem regarding weather. It will be nither hot nor too cold.

  • Hemant

    pl,let me know which is the best season (month) to go for vaishno devi.

    • Indian Travel Guru

      The best season / months to visit Vaishnodevi shrine are February, march, October and Nuremberg as these months are neither hot nor cold. Tourist inflow is also less in February and March Months.

  • amrit

    I am planning to Go vaishno devi in 1st week of Jan’2013.
    Plz, let me know about the weather that snowfall in jan 1st weak

  • nisha


    is this safe to travel with 5 months old baby on 23rd Dec?

  • anshu

    plz inform about the temprature of mata vaishno devi from during last week of december…..also suggest for the clothes……

  • Sir,

    We are coming for Mata Rani darshan from 30 Dec to 1 Jan. Please guide us like what type of woollens and other necessary things we should carry for this time period of weather.

    Looking forward to hear from at earliest.

    Thanking You. Jai Mata Di

  • shrikant

    Sir I am wist to visit the Vaishnavdevi Temple in the Month of April ending is this is the right time to visit the temple let me know?

  • rohit thakkar

    sir i want to visit vaishnodevi every year in month of july end with my friends , it is the right time to visit temple , JAI MATA DI

  • Mehul

    Sir, myself and one of my friends (both in mid 30’s and from Mumbai) have decided to go for trekking in Dalhousie in Dec end. The trekking activity ends on Friday, 3rd Jan 2014 and we should be free by noon (11 AM or so). We plan to visit Vaishno devi after our trekking program.

    Is it possible to reach Katra on the same day from Dalhousie? We plan to start for Vaishno devi Bhawan early morning on Saturday, 4th Jan and return by evening. I understand it would be too cold during that period, but as we are already going for trekking activity in Dalhousie, we will be well equipped with heavy woolens and rainwear while going to Bhavan. I have gone for Vaishno devi darshan many times, mostly during Jul-Aug / Nov season, but never during peak winters. It generally takes us 10 hours to return back to Katra

    On Sunday 5th Jan, we plan to take a return flight (around noon) for Mumbai from Jammu. There are multiple flights, few via Delhi and others via Srinagar. I am worried about disruption of flights in North India during peak winters due to bad weather. Would you suggest a flight via Delhi or via Srinagar during that period?

    Is this program doable or you feel it would be too hectic/risky to plan such tight schedule? Kindly provide your views on the same.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Indian Travel Guru

      weather will certainly create problems in these dates. There are flight disruptions due to fog every year in these dates (15 Dec to 15 Jan)

  • Jyoti Seth

    We plan for mata vaishno darshan in November (I.e. 16 to 19 Nov.). We have 2 little kids. So pls tell me how will wheather that time?

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