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Knowing the latest flight status is the utmost important factor while traveling through international or domestic airlines. Nowadays the airline companies are offering automated services in order to give maximum amount of ease to all its passengers. Jet Airways is one of such companies that take proper care of their passengers and makes the necessary information available so as to avoid any kind of mess. Even the jet airways flight status can be known with a simple mouse click or just a fingertip. With the help of official website anyone can get the desired information which is significant in case of traveling through Jet airways and jet airways flight status is one of such important constituents.

The jet airways flight status plays major role when you plan to travel through Jet airways flight.

Be it domestic or international, knowing the correct and the latest flight status can save your precious time and energy.  Generally a flight status contains information regarding a specific flight. The information provided through jet airways flight status entails name and number of the flight, flight arrival and departure time, etc. It is better to know the exact flight status before leaving your home as the flight may be delayed or cancelled because of various reasons such as adverse weather conditions or air traffic. Reaching at airports without knowing the right flight status may lead you to wait for long. Thus in order to avoid it, you can check the jet airways flight status beforehand.

There are some important ways using which you can get the updated flight status. Personal enquiry, internet, SMS alerts, and contacting the customer care department to know the current jet airways flight status, are some of the important ways of enquiry. A few prominent methods of knowing jet airways flight status are:

1. Check Jet Airways Flight Status by Personal enquiry

It is the simplest way of knowing the current flight status. Here you need not to indulge in any hectic or technical process because personal enquiry means visiting the airline office personally and asking them about the right flight status.

2. Check Jet Airways Flight Status through Internet

Exploring internet is another easiest way of knowing the jet airways flight status. Here you can visit the official website of jet airways to know the latest information relating to the flight you are planning to take up. The information that you get through the internet is usually updated and has greater reliability.

3. Jet Airways Flight Status through telephone

You can make a call to the customer care department at jet airways. The dedicated professionals are ready to help you on round the clock basis. You can feel free to ask these persons anything about the jet airways flight status. You can call on the toll free number which is basically a customer helpline number.

4. Jet Airways Flight Status SMS alerts

The airline offers variety of customer friendly services so that their precious time is not spoiled at any cost. These SMS alerts are just a part of it and you can know your jet airways flight status with these SMS alerts. Jet airways offers fog alerts that you can get instantly when your flight is delayed or cancelled because of fog. Here you just need to enter your flight number and the SMS will be sent to you consisting of the relevant information.

Contact Details For Various Services for Jet Airways Flight Status

S. No. Service Description
1. SMS alert for status enquiry Write JET “Flight Number” and send it to 56388.
2. Helpline number and Toll free number In case of any information that you need, you can simply reach the authorities on – 3989 3333 (helpline number).

BSNL & MTNL users can contact on 1800 225 522 (Toll Free number)

3. Contact through mail If you wish, you can contact the service department over the internet at

The above listed ways are some of the important methods of knowing current jet airways flight status instantly. Mostly the ways are customer friendly and you even do not need to leave your cozy home to enquire about it.

Content updated in January 2020

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