Jet Airways Baggage Allowance

If you are planning to go out through any of the jet airways flight then you must know about the baggage limitations which are printed on the air tickets. As per the general rules and regulations a passenger can carry a single hand luggage irrespective of the class the passenger is traveling in. There are limits for all age groups and different passenger classes. However in case you need to take more quantity than you will have to pay an additional fee of 50 USD for each bag.

Even the extra baggage that you are carrying should follow under the weight limitation set by jet airways. For more information about the baggage limitations the passengers can refer to jet airways baggage allowance policy.

In the jet airways baggage allowance policy there are strict provisions of carrying baggage. Usually single baggage is allowed as the cabin baggage with a limitation of not more than 115 cms. of height, length and width. There are a few items which are restricted and a passenger cannot carry such items like gels, alcohol, liquids, pastes, sharp articles and other prohibited goods, etc. One can carry inhalers and other life saving medicines in their hand baggage but still you need to have the doctor’s prescription with you.

As per the jet airways baggage allowance guidelines there are a few items which may cause danger to others like pocket knives, scissors and various weapons. These items are strictly prohibited and one is not allowed to travel with such fatal things. Keeping in mind the infants and toddlers, the baby food is permitted to be taken inside the baggage. If you are carrying a laptop inside your baggage then only it is allowed else you cannot travel with a laptop in hand and second luggage with you.

Class wise jet airways baggage allowance

An airline has different classes where the different passenger segment travel. These discreet segments have different terms and conditions of traveling. All of the classes in jet airways flights have different jet airways baggage allowance system.

Economy class baggage allowance

In economy class the adults and children are permitted to take up 25 kg of weight while an infant can have 10 kg. Coming on to the another class which is the first class the passenger is permitted to have 35 kg and the infant can take up 10 kg. The specified quantities fall into free jet airways baggage allowance limit.

Jet privilege baggage allowance

Another and the last segment is jet privilege. As per the privilege plan a person can be categorized in three different headings such as silver, gold and platinum. The platinum customer is the most privileged ones who enjoy the maximum amount of luxury and can carry 20 kg of weight along with them in addition to regular baggage. The second priority is given to gold travelers who are allowed to have additional 15 kg as their baggage. Coming on to the last category of silver members the limit becomes additional 10 kg per person. If your baggage falls out of the enlisted limits then you will have to pay jet airways baggage allowance.

So finally these limits mentioned on your air ticket will help you in deciding the feasible quantity of baggage that you can travel with else you may have to pay airways baggage allowance.

For more information about the baggage limitations the passengers can refer to jet airways baggage allowance policy.

Content updated in January 2020

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