Jammu Amritsar Travel Guide

Jammu Amritsar by road: Buses and taxis

Total distance is 207 Kilometers travel time 5-6 hours

Pathankot is the centre point of this route and is also the last major city of Punjab towards Jammu which lies in Jammu and Kashmir.

Amritsar to Jammu road map

Amritsat – Batala – Gurdaspur – Pathankot – Kathua – Jammu

City Jammu to Amritsar distance in kilometers Amritsar to Jammu distance in kilometers
Jammu 0 207
Samba 33 174
Hira Nagar 48 159
Kathua 77 130
Pathankot 100 107
Dina Nagar 124 83
Gurdaspur 136 71
Dhariwal 149 58
Batala 168 39
Amritsar 207 0

Jammu Amritsar bus services

Being a tourist route people prefer to travel by train or taxi in  this section. Both government and private buses ply between Amritsar and Jammu at frequent intervals throughout the day, but  there are very limited services of Volvo and deluxe buses. Buses take five to six hours to travel either way. The ordinary bus fare is around Rs 100.

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Amritsar to Jammu taxi services

carclip5Private taxis of all makes from four seater to ten seater are easily available from both Jammu, Katra and Amritsar. Jammu / Katra to Amritsar taxi charges will be around Rs 3000

Taxi operator in Amritsar

Jeet Travel, 3 Deep Complex, 2nd Floor, Court Road, Amritsar-143001 (Punjab) India

Telephone numbers: : +91-183-5002688, 5002788

Jammu to Amritsar by train

There are two major trains between Jammu and Amritsar which run daily. The timings are as follows:

Trains between Jammu and Amritsar
Train No. Train Name Origin Dep. Time Destination Arr. Time
8102 MURI EXPRESS Jammu Tawi 2:30 PM Amritsar Jn 7:10 PM
9226 JAT BTI EXP Jammu Tawi 9:25 PM Amritsar Jn 1:55 AM
Trains between Amritsar and Jammu
9225 BTI JAT EXP Amritsar Jn 1:10 AM Jammu Tawi 6:15 AM
8101 TATA JAT EXP Amritsar Jn 8:20 AM Jammu Tawi 1:10 PM
8601 HTE JAT EXP Amritsar Jn 8:20 AM Jammu Tawi 1:10 PM
Content updated in January 2020

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