Jammu to Amarnath via Pahalgam

The distance between Jammu to Pahalgam is 315 kilometres. This distance can be covered by road through buses or taxis.

The road transportation is offered by Tourist Reception Centre, Jammu and Kashmir Government. It is located in Raghunath Bazar and the services are offered early in the morning. You can also take a flight till Srinagar and then further proceed to Pahalgam by road which is 96 kilometres away from Srinagar. Pahalgam to Amarnath cave is 34 kilometers distance to be covered on foot


In pahalgam, there are quite a few hotels available for your stay there. For food, many Non Government organisations at Nunwan Yatri Camp organise Langar facilities. Nunwan Yatri Camp is located 6 kilometres before reaching Pahalgam. Pahalgam is world renowned for its natural environment giving many moments for travellers to capture them in a camera. First night is camped here.


In Chandanwari too many Langars are organised for the travellers. It is 16 kilometres from Pahalgam. Mini buses run between them. Chandanwari is surrounded by breath taking scenic beauty. The River Lidder runs through Chandanwari.

Pissu Top

After Chandanwari, comes the Pissu Top which is at a good height.


Sheshnag is a mountain resembling a snake’s head. It is considered to be sacred and travellers make it a point to bow before its natural divinity. Here all the mythical stories associated with this place are narrated by the campfire. The serene and pious atmosphere here gives inner peace to the travellers. Second night is camped here.


Situated at a height of 3567 metres, Panjtarni has to be reached with a steep climb across Mahaguna Pass. The route is full of beautiful waterfalls. At Bhairav Mount, five rivers flow simultaneously, believed to be flowing from Lord Shiva’s hair. Here the weather conditions aren’t favourable and travellers have to necessarily carry or wear heavy woollen clothes. To avoid health hazards one must cover the head to protect against the chilly cold winds. Problems such as vertigo, nausea or problems due to lack of oxygen may occur here, so it is advisable to carry anti nausea eatables and medicines. Medical posts are situated in the near localities for people to be rushed in case of emergencies. Third night is camped here.

Shri Amarnath Cave

After crossing Sangam of Amravati and Panjtarni rivers (where Amravati and Panjtarni rivers amalgamate) Shri Amarnath caves are reached. Two small Lingas symbolising Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha are present too inside the caves apart from the Shivalinga. After the holy Darshan (view) of the Lingas, one can reach back Panjtarni the same day.

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