Jammu City

Maharaja palace Jammu

Maharaja palace Jammu

Jammu is the beautiful city of temples, blessed by nature’s scenic beauty it is situated at the backdrop of the snow-capped Pir Panjal Mountains. This region of Jammu forms the southernmost unit of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Apart form the temples & beautiful scenic spots, this state holds the glorious history of the valiant kings, superb gardens, the greenery of the forests, majestic mountains and is richly endowed with valuable monuments. A beautiful & enchanting river called Tawi flows through the city.

The Jammu and Kashmir state is divided into three distinct regions – Jammu, Kashmir and the Ladakh Valley. Each state offers a rich diversity of landscapes, culture, language and people.

Jammu Fact File
Area: 20.36 Sqkm
Altitude : 305 mtrs
Rainfall : 107 cms (July to September)
Population(1981) : 2,23,361(apprx.)
Spoken Languages : Dogri, Hindi, English, Urdu, Kashmiri, Punjabi
Temperatures(Average) 26.2 to 4.3 degrees cent in winter. Temperatures in summer 40.0 to 23.4
Clothing : Heavy/Medium wollens in winters to light cottons in summers
Nearest Airport : Jammu
Sight Seeing : Patnitop, Sanasar, Mansar Lake, Katra, Amar Mahal Palace, Sheesh Mahal, Akhnoor and innumerable Temples and shrines
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Best Time to Visit

Jammu can be traveled round the year, but the best time to visit is during the water sports season i.e. from April to August & during these festive times:
Lohri (13 January), Baisakhi (April 13 or 14), Bahu Mela (March-April &  September-October),  Chaitre Chaudash (March-April), Purmandal Mela (February-March), Jhiri Mela (Oct-Nov.), Navratra Festival (Sept-Oct)

Jammu Tourist Attractions

Jammu excursions consist of some of the finest tourist places around the Jammu city. These places range from hilltop resorts to some of the famous pilgrim places. Lets take a brief tour at some of the must visit tourist spots around Jammu city

Ranbir Canal (2kms)

Situated approximately two km from the center of the city. The canal is famous for a small garden that serves as a perfect picnic spot during summers. The water of the canal remains icy cold throughout the year. The embankments of Ranbir Canal serve as good viewpoints and pathways.

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Bahu Fort (5kms)

One of the popular tourist spots for sightseeing in Jammu is Bahu Fort, situated 5kms away form city on the left bank of Tawi River. Perhaps the oldest fort and edifice in the city, it was originally constructed by King Bahulochan over 3,000 years ago. Later, the fort was renovated and rebuilt by the Dogra rulers. The fort houses a temple of Goddess Kali. Kali inside the fort is known as bave wali mata. Bave wali mata is the presiding deity of Jammu. Today the fort is surrounded by extensive gardens popularly called Bagh-e-Bahu

Mubarak Mandi Palace

The oldest buildings in this palace complex date back to 1824. The architecture is a blend of Rajasthani, Mughal and even baroque elements. The most stunning segment is the Sheesh Mahal. “The Pink Hall” houses the Dogra Art Museum which has miniature paintings of the various Hill Schools

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