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Distance 250 Kms travel timew 4-5 hours

busclip2Chandigarh is another important tourist administrative and business hub 350 kilometers north of Delhi. Being capital of Punjab and Haryana and gateway to Himachal Pradesh having fast growing industrial hub at Baddi there is lot of people travelling between New Delhi and Chandigarh.

Due to this heavy rush there are two daily Shatabdi express trains running between Delhi and Chandigarh in addition to a number of Volvo and other deluxe buses run by various state transport departments vix. Delhi transport corporation (DTC), Punjab roadways, Haryana Roadways, Chandigarh transport undertaking (CTU) and Himachal roadways (HRTC). There is no private Volvo bus service between Delhi and Chandigarh at the moment.

The distance between Delhi to Chandigarh is 248 kilometers by road, and it can be covered between 4 – 6 hours on a maximum, depending on the type of transport, the traffic density and such other factors.

Important towns on the highway from New Delhi to Chandigarh

While travelling from Delhi to Chandigarh one will find Murthal (Which is very famous for Road Side Dhabas that offer high quality North Indian Food), Sonipat, Panipat, Karnal, Uchna, Kurukshetra and Ambala before touching Chandigarh. From Delhi to Ambala there is national highway number 1 and from Ambala there is diversion to Chandigarh and national highway number 22 starts from here

Bus services between New Delhi and Chandigarh

Frequent buses ply from Chandigarh to Punjab, New Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and even Rajasthan. One has a varied choice that includes deluxe VOLVO buses, luxury buses, ordinary buses and taxis, all of which are readily available all twenty-four hours a day 

carclip5Delhi Chandigarh Taxi Service

You can also travel at your own timing and at your own convenience, in total privacy and comfort, by hiring luxury cars that costs almost equivalent to Volvo charges. You can get yourself picked anywhere in Delhi and Dropped anywhere in Chandigarh, totally avoiding to inconvenience of change-over transportations. Click here for the same – Delhi Chandigarh A/C Indica Car Rs 2200 only

Ordinary buses between Delhi and Chandigarh

There are always four to five buses ready at ISBT Chandigarh for departure to New Delhi all twenty four hours and vice versa. Most of the buses are of Haryana  Roadways followed by CTU, Himachal and Punjab Roadways.

Deluxe buses from Delhi to Chandigarh

Deluxe buses depart every half an hour from ISBT Chandigarh towards New Delhi ISBT and vice versa. The frequency is less from 00:00 to 05:00 hrs There is a a special deluxe counter at the bus stand catering to Delhi Chandigarh deluxe buses only.

Volvo / AC Buses on Delhi Chandigarh highway

Delhi to Chandigarh Volvo and other A/C buses are operated by Haryana, CTU, Punjab, Himachal and Rajasthan roadways.

busclip2Punjab Roadways Lexia A/C New Delhi to Chandigarh Buses

Air conditioned buses are equipped with PVC flooring , luxury seats, all way adjustable seats, mobile charging points on each seat , TV with DVD, audio system with microphone and speaker , GPRS,  carpet in the gangway. The crew of the bus has a white uniform.
Punjab Roadways Bus enquiry phone numbers
Chandigarh ISBT: 0172-2704023, 2606672, Delhi ISBT: 011-23867842

Departure schedule / Timetable Delhi Chandigarh bus service

Bus Type From To Dept. Time From To Dept. Time Fare (Rs.)
Lexia Chandigarh Delhi 08.20 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 05:35 hrs 370
Lexia Chandigarh Delhi 09.50 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 07:00 hrs 370
Lexia Chandigarh Delhi 13.45 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 09:45 hrs 370
Lexia Chandigarh Delhi 16.15 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 11:00 hrs 370
Lexia Chandigarh Delhi 18.00 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 14:00 hrs 370
Lexia Chandigarh Delhi 21.00 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 15:40 hrs 370

Himachal Roadways Volvo and TATA buses 

New Delhi to: Chandigarh, Shimla, Manali & Dharamshala

HRTC is operating Air Conditioned Volvo Buses ( 2X2 ) to Delhi from Shimla, Manali and Dharamshala. Theses buses are equipped with latest and comfortable facilities to the passengers. These buses reach Chandigarh after fours hours of departing from Shimla and five hours from departing from Delhi.

Himachal Roadways bus enquiry numbers

Chandigarh ISBT: 0172-2722625, Delhi ISBT: 011-23868694, Shimla ISBT: 0177-2658765

Departure schedule / Timetable 

Bus Type Boarding from Dept. Time Boarding from Dept. Time Fare (Rs.)
Volvo# Shimla 08.30 hrs Delhi* 08:30 hrs 680
Volvo Shimla 08.30 hrs Delhi* 06:30 hrs 680
Volvo Shimla 11.00 hrs Delhi* 09:25 hrs 680
TATA AC Shimla 20:00 hrs Delhi# 20:24 hrs 455
Volvo Shimla 21.00 hrs Delhi* 21:00 hrs 680
Volvo Shimla 22.15 hrs Delhi* 22:00 hrs 680
Volvo Manali 16:00 hrs Delhi 20:26 hrs 930
TATA AC Manali 17:00 hrs Delhi# 20:25 hrs 705
Volvo Dharamshala 20:00 hrs Delhi 20:00 hrs 830
TATA AC Dharamshala 20:30 hrs Delhi 20:16 hrs 647
* : Himachal Bhawan Delhi, # : Run by HPTDC

Book tickets online at

Some of the above Volvo buses are run by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC Transport) transport wing. There Bus Enquiry and reservation centres are:

Shimla: The Mall, Shimla -171001, Tel: (0177) 2652561, 2658302 Fax: (0177) 2652557
Manali: The Mall, Manali -175131, Tel: (01902) 253531, Fax: (01902) 252325

Delhi: Chanderlok Building 36, Janpath, New Delhi -110001. Tel: (011) 23325320, 23324764  Fax: (011) 23731072

Mumbai: Sales Agent M/s Trident Travel & Tours, 55, Arcadia Nariman Point, Mumbai- 400021 Tel (022) 26841764 Fax (022) 2683829

Haryana Roadways Volvo bus service from Delhi to Chandigarh

busclipThe Haryana Roadways have reintroduced Saarthi AC Volvo buses which were discontinued earlier. The Volvo buses  ply on the Chandigarh-Delhi-Gurgaon route. Everyday, two trips touch the Indira Gandhi International Airport and one trip touches the domestic airport in Delhi. Passengers are given free bottles of mineral water, newspapers, magazines and juice on the way.

Haryana Roadways bus enquiry numbers

Chandigarh ISBT: 0172-2704014, Delhi ISBT: 011-23861262

Departure schedule / Time table Volvo bus from Delhi to Chandigarh

Bus Type From To Departure time From To Departure time
Volvo Chandigarh Delhi 07.20 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 07:20 hrs
Volvo Chandigarh Delhi 11.00 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 08:30 hrs
Volvo Chandigarh Delhi 13:25 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 11:00 hrs
Volvo Chandigarh Delhi 14.20 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 13:30 hrs
Volvo Chandigarh Delhi 17.10 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 17:30 hrs
Volvo Chandigarh Delhi 23.15 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 22:30 hrs
Volvo Chandigarh Delhi 00:15 hrs Delhi Chandigarh 01:30 hrs


13:25 hrs (up to Gurgaon via IGI Airport),14:20 hrs (up to Gurgaon via IGI Airport),

23:15 hrs (up to Gurgaon via Domestic Airport),

00:15 hrs (up to Domestic Airport, Delhi)

Delhi- Chandigarh

08:30 hrs (starts from Gurgaon at 06:30 hrs)

22:30 hrs (starts from Gurgaon at 21:30hrs)

01:30 hrs (starts from Gurgaon at 23:30 hrs)

The above buses come through airport

Rajasthan State Roadways Transport Corporation (RSRTC) Jaipur Shimla sector

RSRTC deluxe and Air Conditioned services provide the best quality traveling condition available in the country.

Jaipur Shimla Super deluxe service travel time 15-16 hours fare rupees 686

Departure schedule / Timetable 

Bus Type Boarding from Dept. Arrival at Arrival Time Fare (Rs.)
Super Deluxe Jaipur 20.00 hrs Shimla 01:30 Hrs 686
Super Deluxe Shimla 23:20 hrs Jaipur 16:45 Hrs 686

RSRTC Enquiry / contact numbers

Delhi (Deluxe & Volvo buses Bikaner House)

 011-23383469, 23386698, ISBT Delhi 011- 23861246

Control Room, Head Office, Jaipur (Opened for 24 hrs.) 0141-2374670, 2373044

Content updated in January 2020

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      there are buses available every hr from isbt delhi to chd…u can get bus from airport to isbt every hr aswell

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