Indian railways seat availability between two stations

If you are planning to travel somewhere through train it is always better to get seats reserved well in time as sue to large number of people travelling through this mode of transportation getting tickets confirmed might be problematic. To get your tickets booked the first step is to check the availability of seats between two stations. This can be done through three methods which are given below.

  1. Calling up on Indian railways enquiry number
  2. Going to the station and getting the enquiry done
  3. Logging on to the Indian railways website and checking out seat availability between two stations.

The third method is the easiest, least time and money consuming. To know a detailed step by step procedure of enquiry of seat availability between two stations read below.

  • First you need to go to the Indian railways website seat availability page. You can do this my visiting here-
  • Enter the first few characters of the Originating Station against Source Station Name. for example if the originating station is Mumbai, just type “mum” and the options will populate below.
  • Now enter the first few characters of the Destination Station against Destination Station Name. For example if the destination station is Chennai, just type “che” and the options will populate below.
  • Select the class in which you wish to travel. If you want the check seat availability in all classes, select All Class to see seat availability for all the classes.
  • Now enter the journey date. You can click the calendar icon to enter the journey date or enter the date in the first column and month in the second column (day and month in numbers).
  • Click “Get Details” button to know about the trains running between those stations.
  • You will be taken to the page where you will find all source and destination stations in a drop-down box against Select Source Station and Select Destination Station respectively. Choose the most appropriate stations from the two drop-downs and click on the ‘Get It’ button.
  • You will get a list of all trains between the selected stations. Click on the train name for which you want to check the seat availability and click on the ‘Get Availability’ button.
  • This way you can get the seat availability information for the chosen train and for the chosen date. To now the fare details, you need to click on ‘Get Fare’.
Content updated in January 2020

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