Indian Airlines PNR Status

Indian Airlines, as the nationwide air carrier, has played an essential role to encourage tourism and air travel in India.

The Government of India’s tourism department has it websites to  give all information regarding distances, places, details of accommodation availability and maps which is very helpful for the tourist.

As Indian Airlines believes in “ attithi devo bhav “ means customer is like a god  this gives a sociological to the employees and makes them treat the passengers with more care and hospitality. This is the best way to promote culture and belief among foreign visitor to India.

The airline has tried to facilitate its customers in every possible way and just like other services it is very easy to know your Indian airlines PNR status. You can do this visiting website where you can find your PNR status for ticket or by calling the help lines numbers.

Call centre number for PNR status

Indian Airlines PNR Status: India region
Toll Free Number : 1800 22 7722 (from all MTNL/BSNL lines)
Northern/Eastern India : 0124 2877 777 (landline for private telecom/mobile users)
Fax : 0124 2877 888
E mail ID :
Western/Southern India : 022 2758 0777 (landline for private telecom/mobile users)
Fax No : 022 2759 2888
E mail ID :
Dial 1414 for AI code flights
Dial 1407 for IC code flights
Indian Airlines PNR Status:  Canada/USA Region
USA Toll Free number : 1800 223 7776
Canada Toll Free number : 1800 625 6424
Landline number : 0124 2877 995
Fax : 0124 2877 999
E mail ID :
Indian Airlines PNR Status:  UK/Germany /France
UK Toll Free number : 800 635 0041
Germany Toll Free number : 800 184 4888
France Toll Free number : 800 903 0777
Fax : 0091-124 2877999
E mail ID :
Domestic Call Center
Call 24×7 All India Toll Free 1800 180 1407
Content updated in January 2020

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