Indian Airlines International Baggage Allowance

Indian airlines is one of the biggest airlines in India which covers international and domestic sectors.

To make your travel safe and comfortable the airlines has some strict rules laid for the passengers when it comes to the baggage.

After the free limit you may pay extra for carrying additional luggage. Indian airlines international baggage allowance makes sure that the other people travelling with you do not face trouble because of too much of luggage.

You can see the tables below to get more information on Indian airlines international baggage allowance so that you can follow them and avoid any inconveniences.

Class of Travel Size of the Luggage Adult/Child Luggage Quantity Weight allowed
Executive (J) 158CMS or 62 inches Adult/Child Two Piece 32Kgs each
Economy  (Y) 158CMS or 62 inches Adult/Child Two Piece 32Kgs each
In both the Class 115 CMS or 45 inches Infant One Piece Collapsible Stroller
        Push chair
        Infant carrying basket


The overall dimensions of the two baggages should not be more than 270 CMS

FBA has revised the baggage allowance, which will be effective very soon. The revised rates are as follows

Class Of Travel Current FBA Weight Allowed Revised Weight Allowed
First Class 40kgs 69kgs
Business Class 30kgs 69kgs
Economy Class 20kgs 28kgs

In the case of hand baggage the dimensions of the baggage should be 55CMS X 40CMS x 20CMS. It means hand baggage should not be exceeded more than 115CMS and weight will also not more than 8kgs. There is one more thing which traveler should keep in mind that only one hand baggage is allowed. In the baggage you are not allowed to take any such thing that is not permitted by the airline like scissors, pocketknives, paste, gels and any liquid etc.

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Indian Airlines Domestic Call Center

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The number mentioned above can be called about any specific query.

Content updated in January 2020

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  • Alex Chacko

    Hello ,
    i wish to know about your baggage allowance in domestic routes (com – mum) for the passenger who is going to fly to lagos ,mumbai. my international luggage allowance is 40 KG per pass.

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