Indian Airlines Cabin Baggage Size

 In domestic sectors Indian airlines allows only one piece of baggage in the cabin whose dimensions should be 55CMS X 40CMS X 20CMS.

In totality it should not be more than 115CMS. Total weight of the baggage which is allowed in cabin is 8Kgs. Due to the security reasons there are some restrictions on few items which are not allowed to carry in the baggage while travelling. They are gels, liquids and the paste or items which belong to similar consistency. Rules related to Indian airlines cabin baggage size have to be followed strictly or else the airline has the right to refuse you from boarding the flight.

In case of medicines like inhalers or any pills are allowed in the baggage but it must be prescribed by the doctor. Food for infant or baby is allowed. The most important thing is that any sharp material like pocket knife, scissors and weapons of any type are not allowed in the baggage.In case of Indian airlines international flights the cabin baggage allowances are not very different from the domestic flightsWhile travelling internationally there are few things which one should take care of with the hand baggage’s are :

If there is any break journey or you have to change flights at some international location then the list of the permitted and non-permitted items will be according to the regulations of that country. Items apart from the cabin baggage which the travelers are permitted to carry are:

  • Blanket or a Rug
  • Binoculars or the camera
  • An overcoat
  • Walking stick
  • Laptops
  • Cell phones
  • Umbrella (folding types)
  • Feeding bottles
  • Any gift item purchased at the airport from the duty free shops

Any odd size luggage which is not confirming the specified dimension which is given by the airline. In such case that baggage will be removed at the boarding point.

In the domestic sectors like Jammu and Kashmir passengers are not allowed to carry any hand baggage due to security reason and government regulation.

For all other queries you may visit this link and get specific information. You can also call the number given below in case you have any specific query.

Domestic Call Center Call 24×7 All India Toll Free 1800 180 1407

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