Indian Airlines Baggage Allowance

Indian airline is one of the biggest airlines in India which is fully owned by the government of India.

Indian airline was launched in the year 1953 with the aim to connect all major domestic destinations. It sets a standard for the all domestic airlines in India. Indian airlines are the first airline which brought the wide and long bodied aircrafts in India and also first in launching low price air tickets. Walk-in ticket is also firstly introduced in India by the Indian airlines.

Indian airline has changed with the time according to the passenger’s expectation. Today it is known as ‘Indian’. To meet the expectation of the travelers and to compete with the other airlines they have improved their standards.

Indian airlines baggage allowance policy is best but the permissible limits are similar to the other airlines in India. There are total three classes of travel are provided by the Indian airlines. The different class and their baggage allowed are as follows:

Class of travel Weight allowed
First Class 40kgs
Executive Class 40kgs
Economy Class 30kgs


Aircraft type Pax Category Class of travel Baggage Allowance
A319, A320, A321 Adult Executive 35kgs
  Infant Executive 10kgs
  Adult Economy 25kgs
  Infant Economy 10kgs
CRJ Adult/Child Economy 25kgs
  Infant Economy 10kgs
ATR Adult/Child Economy 15kgs
  Infant Economy Nil
Beach Aircraft Adult Economy 10kgs
  Infant Economy Nil

The notice which is issued by the bureau of civil aviation of India according to that the passengers who are travelling by the Indian airlines craft they are not allowed to carry things like aerosols, gels, shampoos and hair spray etc in their hand baggage.

Any baggage which is larger than 115 cms is not considered as hand baggage and this would have to be checked in. For a single piece if baggage the allowed weight is 32 kgs and this is same for the entire network of Air India.
In view of increased security measures at airports worldwide and in compliance with regulations received from the Government of India, New Delhi, items that can be potentially harmful or unsafe for the fellow passengers will be confiscated and not returned to passengers if found in hand baggage by the security staff at the boarding gate.

The details about the Indian airlines baggage allowance are clearly mentioned on the official website and can be referred to in case of any confusion or doubt. These policies may change without any prior notification as per the regulations by authorities governing the aviation industry.

Content updated in January 2020

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