How to Check PNR Status in IRCTC

With the upgradation and privatization of Indian railway, the people boarding by rail have a great ease to track their PNR status with the help of various facilities like phone, sms or through internet. In India rail Transport is the mode maximum used by the people and also regarded as the cheap and comfortable of all. Due to the heavy rush in trains waiting or under conformation of tickets is a quite common problem faced by people. In this state people wants to know that whether their tickets have been confirmed or not to get overview of their trip.

PNR is an acronym for Passenger Name Record and is most essential number, which acts as a travel record of the passenger.

 Ways to Check PNR Status In IRCTC

  • PNR Status over the on phone
  • PNR Status via. Internet
  • PNR Status through SMS

IRCTC PNR Status over the Phone

For those who are in a hurry and out of reach of Internet IRCTC has provided a unique phone number, 139 for enquiry related to status. It is a free service and works all over India from any landline or cellular network all 24/7. You just have to dial the no. Followed by your ticket PNR number to know about the status of your reservation.

IRCTC PNR Status Via. Internet

With the advancement in IT sector in railway one can get reservation from anywhere by setting in the home or offices just by a click of mouse only.  IRCTC comprises a website from where one can easily reserve the tickets online. You can also get PNR Status in IRCTC by accessing the official website of IRCTC. You just have to simply enter the PNR no. of your ticket and status will flash on the screen. Link to reach website is- or

Here you can avail information concerning class of accommodation as well as arrival and departure of the train.

IRCTC PNR Status through SMS

Since due to heavy traffic of people making call to confirm the status of their tickets, sometimes it becomes impossible to make a call and you are responded by a busy network error in connection. At that point of time Pnr Status through Sms helps as a medicine for those who are at running late or in a hurry to board there train. They can just send an Sms on 5888 or 5676747 form their Mobile phones. Go to message just type PNR followed by 10 digits Pnr No. of your ticket.

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