Hawa Mahal Jaipur

This five storey pink, semi-octagonal shaped sandstone building, built in 1799, by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh is a major tourist site in Jaipur. It has hundreds of screened windows and small balconies. It was built by Raja Sawai Pratap Singh to allow the royal ladies to overlook the city and watch & enjoy the processions and other activities on the street below.

This mahal enabled them to climb to the top and get a good view of the city. It is also said that the Maharaja had the Hawa Mahal built so he could have a nice place to write devotional songs about Govindji (Krishna).

Despite its towering height and length, the Hawa Mahal looks like a light, airy structure which seems to blow away with the slightest wind.

Placed right in the middle of the famous Johari Bazaar, near the Badi Chaupad the big square, this reddish-pink building made of red sandstone is a constant reminder of Jaipur’s colourful history which refuses to just curl up and die.

The entrance to Hawa Mahal is from the City Palace in the rear. To get in, go to the intersection on your left, as you face the Hawa Mahal and make a right. At the first archway, make a second right and you will see the entrance sign. 

An imposing door opens into a spacious courtyard, which has a double storeyed building on three sides. The eastern wing has three more storeys above, which has thickness of just a single room. The building stands over a high podium. There is a lack of regular stairs to reach the upper floors, but have only ramps in order to facilitate the servants to carry the palanquins.

The Hawa Mahal stands true to its name. As one climbs up to the balconies, he is almost swept away by the cool breeze. There is a small archeological museum here to provide a glimpse of art and craft of Rajasthan. Hawa Mahal, which is currently under the supervision of the State Archeological Department, provides the visitor with excellent views of the city.

The best time to view Hawa Mahal is sunrise when sunlight through the latticed windows gives it a wonderful glow.

Most of the people come her to see the beautiful facade, but you can also climb the top for a view of the city below; peer through the latticed windows to experience the fascinating interplay of gazes set up by the structure.

Open daily 9 am to 4.30 pm; Admission fee Rs 5 (Mon free), camera Rs 50. Phone: 2618862

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

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